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    Top Traits of Products to Emphasize

    When customers walk the aisles of stores, they have to make snap decisions. Different brands of similar items are there on the shelves, and it's time to pick one or another. What do they look for on the labels? If you have the answer to this question, you can target consumers effectively and maximize the chances that your brand will be the one selected.

    Considering that healthy food content is one of the major traits on which products are assessed, March - National Nutrition Month - is a great time to determine whether your brand's custom food labels are promoting the kinds of nutritious properties customers really care about.

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  • Compelling Vape Labels Are Important

    When you venture into selling e-cigarette and vaping products, you have to distinguish your offerings in a market that is comparatively young and still evolving. Between the need to stand out among a host of new brands and the importance of keeping up with evolving rules and regulations, labeling is not a straightforward practice in the vape space. Fortunately, when you have a dedicated and experienced third party on your side, your custom vape labels can become an excellent branding asset rather than an afterthought or complication.

    Experiment with Texture, Finish and More

    Once you ensure your labels are in line with current regulations regarding ingredient disclosure and tobacco warnings, it's time to create a visual identity for your vape products.

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  • Expiration Date Labels - New Labeling Rule Seeing Attention

    If you produce food or beverage products, you likely employ expiration date labels to tell when customers how long the items stay at maximum freshness. However, the way you present expiration dates may be very different from other organizations that sell that type of product - at least for now. Out of concern that unclear and inconsistent expiration date labeling is causing food waste, industry groups have launched efforts to standardize these dates.

    When this story was last in the news, the U.S. Department of Agriculture was promoting a new approach which would center the whole industry around a "best if used by" label instead of the divergent phrases currently in use.

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  • Design Challenges Present Themselves

    If you're responsible for your brand's label design, you've probably encountered a vexing problem: There's simply too much relevant information to squeeze onto a product label comfortably. There are a few categories of info you have to include, some of which are required by law. Combining this content with your branding and visual design elements is a true balancing act.

    Transparency Meets Technology

    A recent Food Safety Tech interview with Dagan Xavier, co-founder of data science firm Label Insight, delved into a possible answer to the problem of content overload on product labels: SmartLabel digital technology, meaning users receive a base amount of info on the item itself, with the option of going online for the rest.

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  • Keeping Labels Honest: A Financial Imperative

    No matter what your particular industry may be, there's a need to study up on and comply with all related packaging laws. Even if you were in compliance as recently as a few years ago, you need to stay constantly appraised of any changes. The FDA's recent updates to its regulations alone should be enough of a reminder that standards don't remain static.

    The consequences of falling behind can range from fines to serious lawsuit judgments, and they underline the importance of always staying compliant. Fortunately, regulatory bodies announce any changes far enough in advance for brands to adapt.

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  • What You Need to Know About Candle Labels

    Candles are an ideal way to provide light, warmth and character to your customers' homes. If your product lineup includes candles, you can connect with shoppers through multiple seasons, bringing out seasonal varieties through the fall and winter months, or using different scents to evoke changes in nature. There are a few formalities to take care of when creating candles, however: First and foremost, you must ensure your warning labels are in line with national standards.

    It would be disastrous to see your candle business derailed due to noncompliance with federal rules, so it's time to check the National Candle Association's guidelines.

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