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    Choosing Your Messaging Carefully

    When it comes to labeling your food and beverage products, making claims about their content is a delicate matter. The motivation behind promoting nutritional value is clear: Consumers today are interested in eating healthy, and the right suggestion might win them over. However, you'll have to be ready to back your claims up. When companies overstep what they're allowed to promote, they tend to end up in legal trouble. Which particular words are regulated for use in packaging tends to change over time - this, too, is something you'll have to keep an eye on.

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  • At first, the idea of using a natural teeth whitener containing coconut activated charcoal may sound a bit difficult to get one’s…well, teeth, into.

    But, Gold Mountain Beauty’s mint tuxedo natural teeth whitener for sensitive teeth seems to be catching on with customers, along with the rest of an activated charcoal-based line of health and beauty products, including facemasks, natural shoe deodorizer and foot odor spray, and antifungal foot soak.

    The journey to a line of health and beauty products began several years ago. Principal Daniel Thompson says, “Several years ago, I started to work in digital marketin

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