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    Custom Beer Labels On Tap For Your Summer

    Summer Brews Deserve Fresh Labels

    The craft beer business is competitive. Although craft beers make up a relatively small percentage of the beer market, the demand is growing. Consumers are confronted with a confusing array of new beers all the time. More and more small breweries start up and flood the cooler shelves at the grocery store with alternatives to your products.

    Your brand image is critical, and a custom label for your beer is the chisel that carves out your niche. At Lightning Labels, we specialize in supplying custom craft beer labels and beer labels for brewery companies.

    What Is a Craft Beer Exactly?

    A craft beer is different from mass-produced beers. Your customers demand a certain quality, and they are willing to pay for it. Although it is difficult to clearly define what a craft beer is exactly, there are some common traits.

    • Perception – The look, mouthfeel, aroma, and flavor are all exceptional.
    • Ingredients – It is free from adjuncts, and only quality hops, malts, yeast, and water are used.
    • Experience – Your beer is savored, and it enhances meals and social gatherings.
    • Metrics – Your clients discuss your beer’s the specific gravity, IBUs, alcohol content, and SRM.

    Most customers are also on the lookout for the newest thing. It is likely that you are already forced to change your production process slightly with the seasonal availability of ingredients. Take the opportunity to connect with new buyers. A custom label on your summer craft beers is the perfect introduction.

    Custom Beer Labels

    Keys to a Good Craft Beer Label

    Custom craft beer labels and beer labels in general must quickly introduce a brand without overwhelming the customer. Goals for a good custom label design include:

    • Use a simple logo with recognizable themes.
    • Make it easy to read your company name.
    • Incorporate images related to the art of brewing beer.
    • Always use a consistent color scheme and patterns.
    • Generate interest by stating that this summer brew is a limited offering

    Avoid cluttering your label design with too much information. Your label is a tool that builds an association with your product. It should inform buyers that your summer brews are new but not so dissimilar that they are unrecognizable.

    Smaller breweries often do well with colorful or rebellious images on their labels. They communicate a sense of fun and adventure. For larger scale operations, it is important that customers take you seriously. Focus on a professional label that communicates your expertise.

    Contact Us Today

    At Lightning Labels, we have the labeling solutions you need for your summer brews. Our state of the art digital printing offers tremendous advantages. We supply high-quality custom craft beer labels and beer labels for seasonal brews in any quantity at affordable rates. Request a free quote today, or call us at 800-544-6323.

  • Custom Beer Labels On Tap This Summer

    Let Your Craft Beer Labels Serve Your Brand's Identity

    When a shopper enters a well-stocked store full of craft beers, the selection can be downright overwhelming. Many new and exciting brands of beer, promising interesting and unique flavors are all vying for that person's attention. Dialing up the visual flash through custom craft beer labels is one way to make your brews stand out in this pack of upstarts.

    Summer is Craft Brewing's Season

    When the weather is warm and barbecue grills are always in action, craft beer is an essential accessory. Your brand can capitalize on the fun and excitement of summer with limited-edition seasonal brews - adorned in great-looking custom labels, naturally. The packaging for these summer products should be bold and assertive, getting the message across that if people don't buy them now, they might miss out.

    Beer shoppers have a lot of choices today - it's a golden age for the craft industry. Standing out among this tough competition is your biggest task. Labels that look great, with colors catching the eye and sharply rendered imagery selling the appeal of your brand, will become a valuable calling card. Small breweries aren't the kind of businesses to buy expensive advertisements, especially for seasonal products. Therefore, your ability to win over shoppers will be led by the in-store appearance of your products, driven by their custom labels.

    When searching for a third party to help with the labeling process, it's vital that you settle on a company capable of delivering the quality you need. This is where Lightning Labels enters the picture.

    Barbecue season and beer are made for one another.

    The Power of High-quality Custom Beer Labels

    Whether your brand offers its brews in bottles, growlers or cans, Lightning Labels can provide eye-catching packaging services. You have your choice of a variety of label materials and finishes, including water-resistant options that will continue to look sharp even after your brand's brews are refrigerated. It's wasteful to make custom craft beer labels out of inferior materials, as even the best imagery will look bad if it has been compromised by cold or damp conditions.

    Whether you're interested in giving a classy, old-fashioned appearance to your brand's bottles or you want a sleek, modern look die-cut to maximize negative space, Lightning Labels can be your partner of choice. Quick turnaround times mean that there's still room to receive an order before summer fades away. And when it's time for crisp pumpkin brews in fall or spiced beers for the winter, Lightning Labels can help again.

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  • Window Decals - An Alternative to Static Cling

    When you have a business, team, school or charity logo to promote and display, it can pay to go beyond standard stickers and turn to window decals. While the venerable static cling decal is the dominant material for these specialized promo items, there is a great alternative: Clear adhesive labels that are ultra-removable and reusable.

    Window decals crafted with a removable adhesive instead of relying on static cling can deliver peace of mind and excellent performance - once they are on the window, mirror or other non-porous surface, they'll stay there until it's time to peel them off and stick them somewhere else.

    Promoting Across Organization Types

    No matter what kind of business, nonprofit or other venture you're in charge of, window decals can represent a compelling way to get your logo out into the world. Here are a few of the approaches you can take, depending on your circumstance:

    Small businesses: If you run a retail storefront or a chain, window decals can take on a practical role. Store hours, accepted credit card types, sale details and other pertinent info can appear on these decals. Stick them up in your window to get a message across in a compelling format.

    Schools and local sports teams: When the goal is to raise spirit and get people cheering - whether for a school or a professional sports team - decals for supporters can go where they go, carrying the logo far and wide. Hand these decals out, sell them, the choice is yours.

    Charities and nonprofits: When someone donates to a good cause, it's nice to give them a gift in return - why not go with an ultra-removable adhesive window stickers? These serve the dual purpose of promoting the organization for future donations.

    Lightning Labels Can Help

    When you're ready to go beyond static cling and believe window decals are right for you, Lightning Labels is here to help. With all-digital processes and domestic rather than outsourced production facilities, speed and reliability are Lightning Labels signatures.

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  • Enhance Honey Jars with High-Quality Custom Jar Labels

    Promote Your Products at Farmer's Markets

    Independent honey production is a rewarding hobby that can turn into a beloved small business. Selling products at farmer's markets or giving out jars to friends and family lets you show off the sweet bounty. Now that it's time to harvest honey, you'll have to think about labeling the resulting products. High-quality custom jar labels by Lightning Labels let you promote the wholesome goodness of honey, whether you're bottling a little bit for gift purposes or turning the hobby into a source of income.

    Nature's Sweetener

    When people want sweetness in their food or drinks but would rather avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners, honey will be there for them. Promoting this combination of natural origins and delicious taste is a job for your honey bottle labels. The design you pick will have a big impact on how your products are perceived. When you work with Lightning Labels you have a huge variety of choices - the versatile materials and finishes available can create any look you want, from slick and minimal to charming and rustic.

    Custom honey labels serve as a calling card at farmer's markets. This isn't the kind of food sales environment where commercials or ads are dominant forces. Instead, shoppers just have packaging to tell different producers' wares apart. You should ensure that your honey jars carry distinctive labels that give a strong sense of your product's background. High-quality local imagery may help enforce the idea that your honey comes from a particular region, inspiring pride and drawing a contrast between your honey and mass-produced brands found in grocery stores.

    It's time to harvest this year's honey.

    Versatile Labeling Options

    Honey bottle labels can make your products look great, even if you only produce a small number of bottles each year. While you may assume that professional labeling is out of reach for such limited production, Lightning Labels offers low minimum order sizes and quick turnaround times. This versatility is due to all-digital printing processes, delivering professional quality with an impressive level of flexibility and customer-friendliness.

    Great honey bottle labels can make your products into cherished gifts or popular choices at farmer's markets. Working with Lightning Labels is a way to get this compelling look, whether you produce honey as a hobby or a career. If you scale up your operations, your labels can come along, with order sizes becoming larger over the years, always maintaining a high standard of quality. But, first of all, it's time to make this year's harvest a big success.

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  • Tough Product Labels Help Your Brand Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

    When your product demands a cold environment in stores, your labeling requirements are different from the average business's needs. Unless you find durable labels, your branding won't last as long as it needs to. This is where Lightning Labels can step in, delivering great-looking packaging for your ice cream or other frozen treats this summer.

    July is a perfect time to purchase new product packaging labels for your ice cream products, because it's National Ice Cream Month. These weeks, set aside to celebrate frozen treats, can yield new limited-time flavors or simply bold and attractive imagery to remind customers to pick up your everyday offerings. While you may believe there's no need to tell people that ice cream tastes great in the summertime, a little reminder wouldn't go amiss.

    Pick Your Labeling Strategy

    If you've decided to launch a new flavor  to celebrate National Ice Cream Month or the summer in general, a new label design is a natural addition to your brand's offerings. You simply need to ensure that it matches a distinctive, can't miss appeal with enough continuity that buyers tie it in with the rest of your line.

    Even if you're not branching out with a new flavor, a custom label strategy based on National Ice Cream Month is a fine way to drum up excitement and attention for your brand. Potentially, the packages could even have a functional element to their design, listing desert recipes that make use of your ice cream. This time-tested strategy can encourage people to take the products home and follow the instructions.

    "You have to employ durable labels so that they'll stay visible and vibrant."

    If neither of the aforementioned ideas fit your strategy, you can simply execute a line-wide redesign. That may be enough to catch the eyes of consumers in the frozen foods aisle, especially if you make use of colorful and compelling imagery. You have to make sure, however, that you employ durable labels, so that they'll stay visible and vibrant after months in a freezer case.

    Lightning Labels Can Help

    You have your choice of label materials and finishes with Lightning Labels, including those capable of resisting the moisture and cold temperatures associated with ice cream. Combine this with lightning-fast turnaround times enabled by an all-digital printing process and you've found the ideal partner for your brand's next redesign, whether it takes place during National Ice Cream Month or not.

    The warm summer months are made for ice cream, and your brand can launch promotional campaigns during this time for a perfect storm of attention and excitement among customers.

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  • Organize Your Business with Custom Inventory Labels

    Discover the Uses of Custom Inventory Labels

    Labels on your products aren't just for your customers' benefit - label elements for internal use can be very important in their own way. Sequentially numbered labels or barcodes on your products can ensure that no matter how ambitious your storage and warehousing methods, you can always ship products where they're needed, when they have to be there.

    Visibility is Key

    When you need to know where items are in your supply chain, labels can represent the key. In today's increasingly digital business world, you may be looking for labels that are recognizable by electronic means. Alternately, you can opt for inventory labels meant to be sorted by hand. No matter how you label your items, the effort of getting organized can have a serious impact on overall efficiency.

    Here’s how to keep track of inventory:

    • Barcode labels: When you print internal-use barcodes for use in warehousing and other steps along the supply chain, you help your company and its partners keep products moving from one stop to another. Using standardized barcode labels means quick scanning at various locations along the way, from manufacturer to shipper to retailer.
    • Sequentially numbered labels: Do you want to keep track of where individual products are in storage, to track batches of a product or watch the inventory level of a limited-edition product? Stick sequential labels on your merchandise and it instantly becomes more identifiable and visible.

    Properly labeled inventory is easy to find when needed.

    A Trusted Partner

    When thinking about custom labels for internal use and merchandise tracking, you can turn to Lightning Labels. Well known as a producer of attractive, consumer-facing branded labels, it can also keep your brand's products organized on the back-end. With a reliance on all-digital processes, Lightning Labels prizes speed and flexibility - order minimums are low and customer service reps are ready to deal with any and all issues. Changing the way you label your inventory doesn't have to be difficult.

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