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    Canning Offers Flexibility for Smaller Breweries

    Craft Brewers Can Count on Cans

    The craft beer industry has historically been associated with bottles. But are these the best choice for your brewery? Consider the humble beer can, which can present an economical and convenient approach to production and labeling, helping you get your brew out to the masses. Add some custom beer can labels and aluminum cans become a perfect vessel for a beer brand. In fact, the preference for bottling may be behind the times - many breweries have been choosing canning.

    Preferences Evolving

    A recent News Journal article about craft breweries offering cans for their flagship products highlighted the perception changes that have led to aluminum's resurgence. For instance, a decade ago, cans bore a strong association with macro-brewed beers that represented the opposite of craft-brewed sophistication. Furthermore, people expected cans to adversely affect beer's taste. Now, times have changed and cans are in demand once more.

    There are consumer-friendly advantages that come along with packaging beer in cans - the news provider reported that it's easier to transport a can than a bottle. Shelves at stores and in fridges are able to hold more beer when it is in cans. It's also easier to fill a recycling bin with cans, due to their shorter silhouette.

    The News Journal noted that the process of canning tends to be easier for breweries to take in-house when compared to bottling. The advent of trucks that contain canning lines has made packaging creation a mobile consideration, and brewers are taking notice.

    The Marin Independent Journal added to this chorus of support for craft brew canning. This news source pointed out the relative resilience of cans, as well as the fact that they are light and easy to carry. When consumers want beer to bring along on hikes and other trips, aluminum may be the way to go. The Independent Journal added that according to the Brewers Association's 2016 figures, 17 percent of craft beer is canned. In 2013, that figure was only 5 percent.

    Cans are cool again!

    Get the Right Custom Can Labels

    No matter what shape, size or material a brewer turns to for its packaging, it's important to make sure the information and imagery on the label stays sharp, even as cold and wet conditions in refrigerators and coolers take their toll. This is where Lightning Labels can make a difference, with its custom canning labels resisting the elements and displaying a brewer's unique logos to the world.

    Picking the right material and finish for beer can labels is an important part of getting a product noticed. This is where Lightning Labels helps brewers, delivering resilient custom beer can labels, or bottle labels if brewers prefer glass to aluminum.

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  • Cause Marketing: Is Your Brand Ready?

    Show Support Through Design

    Alliances between charitable causes and companies of all sizes are becoming common and mutually beneficial. If your organization has the right promotional products, you can easily draw a connection between your brand and a charitable effort that is near to your heart. With consumers valuing organizations that show their commitment to doing good in the community, your reputation may benefit from the use of charity labels and other signs of allegiance.

    Many Causes to Care About

    Perhaps the most popular example of alignment between brands and charities is the wave of pink products that roll out every year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer awareness stickers are visible everywhere, up to and including baseball and football broadcasts. These set a valuable example your own custom stickers can follow.

    Every month of the calendar has its own selection of topics and causes you can align your brand with, letting your customers know your organization is interested in raising awareness - or money - for its charities of choice. Whether you donate partial proceeds of your items or focus your campaign more on getting the word out, there is major potential to show support for a charitable cause that is important to your personally or has a huge impact in your business's area.

    Promotional items for the appropriate season can go out to the shelves with custom labels that bear the colors associated with your selected charity. They may then tell people how and where they can donate their time or money, or learn more about the issue. When you can find a tie-in between your products and the cause, your message will resonate even more with the audience.

    The pink ribbon has become the most ubiquitous charity symbol.

    Labels That Meet Your Needs

    Of course, there are challenges associated with putting charity labels on your products. If a label provider only allows large orders, you may be left with extra stock you can't use, or a price tag that will set your business back. Lightning Labels, with its all-digital printing processes, bucks this trend. Low minimum order sizes mean you get only the labels you need, giving your limited-edition charitable products a unique look while they're relevant and not adding an extra burden to your budget.

    No matter what charitable cause matters most to you and your company, custom stickers and labels are a great way to get your point across. Show that your organization is engaged with its community, and your audience may react positively. You can make this kind of impression through well-designed labels.

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  • BOPP Labels: The Top Custom Vape Label

    Few places have such a colorful and alluring selection of products as a vape shop. If you look on the shelves of your local vape shop, you’ll see countless varieties of e-liquid for customers to choose from. If you want your product to stand out from the pack in such a competitive field, you’ll need a label that is guaranteed to catch a customer’s eye.

    Many brands focus on the purely visual aspects of their labels such as artwork and logo. However, one of the most critical yet overlooked aspects of label design is the material the label is made of.

    A high quality label tells the customer that the product is of equal or greater quality and shows that that it was made by people who take pride in what they produce. You may have an artistic masterpiece and logo that puts Coca-Cola® to shame, but a low-quality label will send your potential customer to the next bottle of e-liquid on the shelf.  When your label lacks quality, people assume your product does too.

    Label Material 101: Why We Recommend BOPP for Your Custom Vape Labels

    When it comes to label material you have options. Visit our label material page and you’ll see a multitude of materials ranging from Bio-stone to Satin Cloth. Be that as it may, if you want a quality label, which is to say that you want a custom label that attracts customers and shows the world that you have a quality product, your choice of materials is clear, BOPP. Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene or BOPP is far and away the most popular material for custom vape labels, blowing all competing materials out of the water in terms of popularity, durability, and quality.

    The reason why BOPP is on top is because of its unique properties that make it ideal not just for labels in general but for vape labels in particular. BOPP is water and oil resistant and thus is unlikely to be damaged by e-liquid spills or constant handling. BOPP is also incredibly resilient and long lasting, insuring that your label will stay on the bottle.

    When it comes to colors and laminates for your custom vape labels, chrome or white BOPP labels with matte laminate is the way to go. While white BOPP labels are far and away the most popular choice due to their versatility, chrome is great for those who want a more mirror like label. Matte laminate will give your label a more natural look that may appeal to customers.

    You know that your e-liquid is a quality product. Showcase that quality to your customers by using BOPP custom vape labels from Lightning Labels®.

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  • Guide To Custom Jar Labeling

    Jars for jams, preserves and jellies leave plenty of room for creative branding, whether it's on a full-size label wrapping around the jar or a more limited label on the lid. Whether canning is your hobby or your company's source of income, there is space to create informative and visually stimulating works of art on your labels.

    Depending on your product and its intended audience, you can try one of several different approaches to creating custom jar labels. The information printed on these labels is the major source of connection between you and the people who will take your products home. There's a lot you can tell them about the items, even given the small dimensions of a mason jar.

    What Makes A Great Jar Label?

    There is no guaranteed best formula for what to print on jar and canning labels. The following are a few possible elements that may spice up your designs and make people more inclined to check out the products inside. These are in addition to required info such as ingredients and potential allergy warnings - you'll have to work with a high-quality label provider to ensure there is space for necessary and optional elements alike.

    • Recipes: If your jams, preserves or sauces make a great part of a delicious recipe, why not say so on the label? If you give the full directions, it's a great incentive for people to pick your brand in particular instead of a similar competitor. This option is probably best for brands that have full labels wrapped around their jars instead of just sticking labels on the lids.
    • Regional imagery: If your product is made from fresh fruit, you can emphasize the place where that ingredient comes from. People may react more strongly to a fruit item if they can catch a glimpse of the orchard or grove where it came from.
    • Contact information: Brands thrive online today - if your company allows customers to buy online, why not print your website address, Twitter/Facebook handle, or other social media information on your jar labels? If you make this info easy to find, it could convince one-time farmer's market shoppers to come back for more and find you on the web.

    For Growers on any Scale

    No matter the size of your operation - whether you're turning out jars by the thousands or only making 50 a year to give to friends - custom jar labels can make your items look more interesting and exciting. Digital-only printers such as Lightning Labels support low minimum order sizes, so you won't have to stretch beyond your needs, whatever they may be.

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  • Custom Holiday Health and Beauty Labels

    The holiday season is far from shoppers' minds right now, with the summer sun beating down, but as a small-business owner, you need to be thinking one step ahead. If you want to prepare your health and beauty products to impress buyers this November and December, now's a great time to set your plans in motion.

    When thinking about adding glamor and flash to your items' custom labels, you can go beyond the imagery and text printed on the labels: Consider employing naturally shiny and elegant materials and finishes to make your bath and body products into standouts on the shelves during this year's holiday rush.

    The Material Matters

    Bath and body product labels are designed to make a great first impression. Whether shoppers are picking for themselves or as a gift for someone special, a great package can speak volumes about your brand's commitment to glamor and beauty. Lightning Labels offers a host of different materials and finishes for customers to pick from, and a few of these in particular tend to look great when flash is called for.

    Chrome BOPP Labels: This shiny polymer is resistant to oil and water, making it a good fit for makeup labels - or any kind of packaging that will be stored in a bathroom environment. With a chrome shininess, this is a perfect choice for brands that want their products to literally sparkle at buyers.

    Gold Polyester Labels: Whether finished in a glossy laminate or an elegant matte, gold polyester is another top selection for companies looking to make a statement with every element of their packaging, from the finish to the imagery. Gold could be an especially great color for holiday-themed seasonal items that need a little extra sparkle.

    Elegant bath and body products deserve labels to match.

    Consider the Advantages

    Product packaging labels are bath and body brands' main calling cards no matter the season. With the extra foot traffic drummed up by holiday shoppers, brands can turn their visual flash up a notch and create a true statement. Working with Lightning Labels ensures that every element, down to the base label material and finish type, can be customized for maximum appeal.

    Brands should begin thinking about their holiday packaging plans soon to ensure they're given adequate focus. However, once ideas are finalized, Lightning Labels can turn around finished orders in extremely short amounts of time. This is due to Lightning's use of all-digital printing methods at domestic rather than outsourced facilities. Embracing a new and exciting product look for the holiday season has never been easier.

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