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    January is National Hobby Month - Label Your Craft Products

    Show Off Your Work This January

    January is National Hobby Month, meaning it's time to salute handmade items and crafts of all kinds. When your hobby becomes a small business, you need great-looking branding to show your pride in your crafting abilities. Whether you make candles, soap, craft beer, preserves, jelly, jam or any other kind of item, custom labels can catch eyes and draw attention.

    You've put in time honing your craft and keeping your project alive over the years. Now it's time to ensure your handiwork earns recognition, whether you sell your products in major stores, at markets and fairs, or just to friends and family.

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  • Get Ready for Oktoberfest with Custom Beer Labels

    Spruce up Your Beer Labels with High-Quality Customized Beer Labels

    It's that time of year again: The air is getting crisp, the leaves are getting ready to turn red and yellow, and revelers and brewers are anticipating Oktoberfest. If you're planning on selling a special batch of ale or lager for this annual event, you're in good company. Your challenge is making sure your brew stands out from the many others that will doubtless be available to your customers, no matter how close to or far from Germany you are. This is where high-quality custom beer labels enter the picture, making your brand unmissable.

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  • Summertime Brews Deserve Fresh Bottle Labels

    Draw Eyes To Limited Beer Releases With Custom Bottle Labels

    There's nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold, refreshing beer. If your beer brand is serious about capturing the summertime market, chances are you have limited edition and seasonal products ready to catch consumers' eyes and drum up extra business in this ideal season. There is a limited window to make these short-run brews into successes, which means you should pursue every available strategy to ensure they are memorable and appealing to the public.

    It's important for summer beers to look the part, with attractive custom beer bottle labels that convey both a brand identity and the essence of the season.

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  • High-Quality Custom Labels for Craft Beer

    CraftBeerGet Your Craft Beer Ready with High-Quality Custom Labels

    March is a big month for beer, with March Madness, St. Patrick's Day and more falling within the month, and craft brews have been the hottest of all for years now. If you produce craft beers and microbrews, you likely already put a lot of effort into your libations, and you should ensure that the hard work is echoed by the packaging of those items through the use of custom beer labels.

    When consumers enter the liquor store to get a six-pack of fresh brews, they will very often be driven by the labels that adorn the bottles, with the more eye-catching and unique ones being a bit more successful on the shelves.

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  • How Custom Labels Can Make Christmas More Affordable

    Custom labels can help make holiday shopping more affordable.

    Using Custom Labels to Manage Holiday Spending

    With Christmas quickly approaching, people are beginning to scramble to finish their holiday shopping and think of last minute gift ideas. This time of year can be both stressful and expensive.

    The National Retail Federation recently reported that consumers plan to spend around $800 on items related to the holidays.That's a lot of money, especially for those on a tight budget.

    Furthermore, sometimes people spend a considerable amount of money on presents, even when they aren't entirely sure they are purchasing the right items that their family or loved one will be pleased to receive.

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  • Prepare for Oktoberfest with High-Quality Custom Beer Labels

    Prepare for Oktoberfest with High-Quality Custom Beer LabelsCelebrate Oktoberfest with Custom Beer Labels

    Since its humble beginnings in Germany in the 1800s, Oktoberfest has grown to become a festival celebrated across the globe, which makes this time of year perfect for brewers based in the United States to start thinking about producing custom beer labels for the event. But first, some statistics. According to its website, the original Oktoberfest, which is held in the Theresienwiese area of Munich every year, is the world's largest folk festival. Figures provided by Oktoberfest Tours revealed that the 2014 event attracted approximately 6.3 million visitors who downed an impressive 6.

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  • Bud Light Bottle Labels Ignite Firestorm of Criticism

    Bud Light Taps Into Bottle Labels to Strengthen Brand Message
    After debuting its new "Up for Whatever" slogan in a pricey Super Bowl ad spot last year, Bud Light introduced a new twist in 2015 by putting more than 140 different phrases on its bottles, all related to the central "Up for Whatever" message.

    The goal, as Advertising Age explained, is for consumers to associate Bud Light with spontaneity and independence through the branding of the beverage as "the perfect beer for whatever happens." Examples of some of the many phrases on the bottle labels include "the perfect beer for singing loud, even when you don't know the words," "the perfect beer for when you're eating breakfast meats outside of breakfast hours" and "the perfect beer for forming a one-person conga line.

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  • Custom Bottle Labels Can Complete A Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

    Cinco de Mayo Product LabelsIt's Time to Prepare Holiday Labels for the First Week of May

    As the end of April draws near, companies should be turning their attention to what next month has in store - and planning holiday labels accordingly. The first week of May includes two holidays: "Star Wars" Day on the 4th (based on the pun "May the 4th be with you") and Cinco de Mayo on the 5th. It would be tricky to incorporate "Star Wars" into your product labels without falling afoul of licensing laws, but Cinco de Mayo has no such restrictions. The holiday, which is celebrated in the United States and Mexico, commemorates the Mexican army's victory at the Battle of Puebla - a face-off that the French were widely expected to win.

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  • Demand For Nutrition Transparency Fuels New Alcohol Labeling

    Liquor Labeling TrendsDiageo Move Drives Industry-Wide Rethink of Packaging Content, Branding

    Consumers want transparency in their alcohol consumption, and we’re not talking about see-through bottles. Responding to growing demands to know nutritional content of both food and beverage, the world’s largest distiller, Diageo, will begin showing nutritional information on Guinness stout, Smirnoff vodka and Tanqueray gin packaging, according to a Bloomberg News article published on in March. That trend is likely to grow, putting beer, wine and hard liquor makers large and small on notice to ready themselves for packaging and labeling changes that will include nutritional cont

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  • Beers Take Center Stage in Most Loved Label Contest

    CNBC Competition Draws Attention to Beverage Labels
    If you ever doubted the importance of labels in branding, CNBC's Most Loved Label contest - the labels in question being those affixed to beer bottles - will likely go a long way toward changing your mind.

    The competition, which kicked off in March, divided competitors according to region and pitted smaller breweries against industry heavyweights. Some of the results were reminiscent of David and Goliath, making this year's continuing contest into anyone's game.

    Spooky vs. Bovine
    In the Central and Mountain region, Kansas-based Tallgrass Brewing Company's 8-Bit Pale Ale label features an eye-catching blast-from-the-past design based on 8-bit color graphics reminiscent of early video games.

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