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    QR codes on labels could represent the next step in product tracking, ingredient disclosure and more data-intensive elements of legal compliance. In the emerging cannabis product industry, such innovations could prove especially important. As this sector is essentially being assembled piecemeal in real time, there's ample room for cutting-edge tech methods to become mainstays.

    When studying the use of QR codes in the cannabis industry, it pays to look at the precedent set by Indiana. Though it hasn't legalized recreational cannabis or related items, the state does allow the sale of CBD products derived from hemp

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  • California cannabis label rules changed on July 1. This roll-out of new regulations caught several businesses off-guard, with California CBS affiliate KPIX reporting the initial effects of the laws included empty shelves and destroyed stock as vendors struggled to get their items up to the standards, which called for extensive lab testing and the implementation of child- and tamper-proof packages.

    As the dust clears from a turbulent July - during which some vendors lost thousands of dollars in stock - it's worth understanding the recent additions and changes to the California cannabis code.

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  • Your small business needs labels for its products. You have options about where to turn when it's time to print packaging. One possible path is to purchase your own in-house hardware, such as Kiaro printers, and produce labels on demand. Alternately, you could work with an experienced third party to meet your packaging needs.

    Choosing Your Labeling Approach

    When you work with a labeling service provider, you get access to that company's equipment. This can include the latest and greatest digital HP printers, capable of working with the materials, sizes and shapes your company prefers for its packaging.

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  • When picking a new brand of perfume to try, customers have a few solid cues to base their decision on, with perhaps none so clear as labels and packaging. The designs adorning bottles of perfume are hints to the products within, and if it's been a while since you've revised your brand's look, now might be a great time to do so.

    Perfume Labels are Persuasive

    Winning the attention of first-time buyers, people who don't know what a variety of perfume smells like yet, is a job for premium perfume labels. If you use high-quality materials and printing processes for your brand's packaging, the name and logo will be clear and compelling, even from a distance.

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  • Canada has taken a bold step in legalizing the sale of recreational cannabis sales. With stores mere months away from opening their doors, businesses must prepare.

    The government released its proposed specifications for labeling in March, so if you're interested in getting into the industry in its early days, it's time to study Canadian cannabis packaging rules.

    Canadian Cannabis Product Packaging Rules: Legal Developments

    The Advertising Specialty Institute recently pointed out the permissions and restrictions affecting cannabis distributors in Canada. The proposed rules are restrictive, with one-color backgrounds, a standardized cannabis label, and absence of fluorescent colors or metallic textures.

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  • The 2018 BIG Industry Show, run by Buyer's Industry Guide, is a place for members of the smoke shop industry, as well as the legal cannabis and alternative gifts sectors, to meet. Success in such a specialized trade can depend upon a business's focus on important details such as labeling strategies.

    Lightning Labels' presence on this year's vape expo circuit is meant to show the potential benefits of high-quality custom labels up close. If your business is in the smoke shop or cannabis distribution industry, you should make sure to stop by the convention floor.

    A Show at an Exciting Time

    The BIG Industry Show's floor is a bustling place, with businesses making lasting connections that will boost their prospects in the years ahead.

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  • The responsibility of being a small-business owner places intense demands on your time and attention. Optimal use of resources may represent the difference between success and failure for your company. The following are a few general rules that will help you improve your time management capabilities.

    1. Prioritize and Limit Your Activity: Forbes Young Entrepreneurs Council contributor Kalin Kassabov suggested that the best way to get some time back into your day may be to acknowledge which activities can be skipped. Small-business owners can't be everywhere at once, and some tasks just aren't worth the time they consumer.

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  • What exactly is an added sugar, and when do foods qualify for this label? The Food and Drug Administration recently grappled with this question as it relates to honey and maple syrup production, first deciding to require "added sugar" label disclosure and then reversing course.

    This latest decision will likely affect your ongoing packaging strategy if you manufacture either of those types of food.

    Requirement Receives Industry Pushback

    According to the Associated Press, the honey and maple syrup industries voiced strong disapproval when the FDA announced it would require "added sugar" disclosure on honey and maple syrup labels.

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  • With legalization efforts pushing ahead in multiple states, the medical and recreational cannabis industries have never experienced greater potential for growth. Getting involved in these fields is exciting, with even greater progress and acceptance on the horizon. The NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Expo, held July 25-27 in San Jose, CA, is a place to meet with leading figures in the industry and envision the future of cannabis in the U.S.

    Get Involved with the Industry

    The 2018 Cannabis Business Summit is occurring at the right time and place to capture the industry's excitement. California's recent legalization of recreational cannabis sales is a big step for a state that has long been at the forefront of medical growing and usage

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  • California's Proposition 65 has been one of the major determinants of warning label content over the past few years. Now companies have until August 30, 2018, to respond to the latest changes to the rule.

    To comply with the law and experience minimal disruption, you should join forces with a responsive and quick-acting packaging partner such as Lightning Labels for your Prop 65 Warning Label needs.

    What's Changing?

    The latest update to Prop 65 consists of "safe harbor" provisions, specifying what companies have to do to stay compliant. According to law firm Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLC, the Prop 65 warning labels that go on individual products can be "short form" and not list the exact chemicals causing the announcement

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