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    There's Still Time: Add Fun and Flair to Holiday Celebrations with Custom Stickers

    Presents, Parties and More Improve with Stickers

    No matter which winter holiday you're celebrating, and whether you're organizing a celebration for your company, a nonprofit or just your own family group, you can make the season a little more festive with custom stickers from Lightning Labels. A huge amount of sizes, shapes and materials are available, and orders come in days, not weeks or months. You know what that means - it's not too late to have festive stickers for your party or presents this year, even though December has already begun.

    Great-looking Presents

    Giving out gifts marked with festive stickers is a great way to show the recipients you care about them. Custom Christmas stickers look especially good when you're giving gifts to several different people. If you're a leader of your team at work, and want to give your employees a little thank-you around the holidays, these stickers will be a great way to give each present a consistent look, while making sure they're attractive.

    Christmas isn't the only holiday that lends itself to festive stickers. Custom Hanukah stickers will give the same kind of sparkle to presents, whether you're representing a company, working with a nonprofit or just making up packages for your family. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and beyond - if you celebrate it, there's a great sticker design just waiting to be created.

    Retail is another arena where gift stickers might make a big impact. If your business sells items that go well as presents, you can hand out stickers to people who specifically buy those products to give. If you offer wrapping services, top each package with a custom sticker and show off your company's dedication to design and detail. This personal touch could confirm for customers that they made the right choice buying from you - and perhaps they'll come back next year. You can even stock stickers for multiple holidays - and non-denominational winter designs - to cover many bases.

    Spruce Up Holiday Parties

    If you're organizing a holiday party, especially if your plan involves gift bags for attendees, custom holiday stickers are a great way to unify its look. People will go home with a reminder of the party, one that can incorporate motifs used in the rest of the decorations. No matter how large or small your gathering is, it may make a great impression with such a carefully planned design. Nonprofits and companies planning holiday festivities can benefit greatly from using stickers as a design element, whether the gatherings are internal or open to the public.

    Time to Order

    It's December - does that mean it's too late to get sticker orders in for the winter holidays? Not if you work with Lightning Labels. True to its name, Lightning Labels is a lightning-fast company, delivering labels and stickers in a hurry through all-digital production processes and all-domestic facilities. High-quality designs in bold colors on a number of different material choices are all par for the course when you work with Lightning Labels. Then, once the holidays are over, it'll be time to think about spring holidays - another great chance to use stickers.

  • December 17 is National Maple Syrup Day - Are you Ready?

    Time to Update Your Labels and Stickers

    Maple syrup brings sweetness to breakfast - or any meal of the day - but it can go under-appreciated. That's why December 17 is set aside to celebrate this champion of condiments. If you produce or bottle syrup, this is a great promotional opportunity. Through custom bottle labels or stickers, you can remind shoppers of the special day or give them some recipes to try. A temporary change in packaging may be just the thing to stir up some business, or convince buyers to pick your brand out of the many on shelves.

    Offer a Recipe

    When it comes to pancakes, waffles and French toast, syrup obviously can't be bettered But what about its role in creative cooking? To draw some attention on and around National Maple Syrup Day, you can employ custom syrup labels that list exciting and delicious recipes. This is an effective tactic because it not only gives people a concrete reason to bring home a new bottle of syrup, but also ensures that they pick your brand, so they can have easy access to the recipe.

    National Maple Syrup Day is one possible event to commemorate with a recipe, but the tactic doesn't have to end with December. Have a look at the calendar of upcoming holidays and other food-specific events, and you'll be sure to find several relevant dates throughout the year. Changing things up with new custom food labels, maybe even launching several different designs at once, can keep drawing new customers to your particular syrup brand.

    Reminder Stickers

    Maybe your labels are already printed and applied to the bottles, but you still want to commemorate National Maple Syrup Day. There's an easy way to accomplish this feat - customized stickers. Going with stickers instead of labels is a low-key way to create visual interest in your syrup. Then, if the special day passes and you still have bottles on the shelves, you can peel off the stickers. If you have unused stickers - and didn't print the year on them - go ahead and stick them on bottles when the event rolls around next year.

    Quick Response

    While there's precious few days until National Maple Syrup Day this year, Lightning Labels is in the business of speedily filling orders. The company, true to its name, is capable of lightning-fast turnaround times on orders, with waits measured in days rather than weeks or months. This is due to the all-digital printing processes Lightning Labels uses, as well as the business's decision to stick with nearby and convenient domestic facilities, instead of outsourcing its printing.

    Getting customized bottles on the shelves for National Maple Syrup Day can prove to be an exciting new promotional avenue, whether you approach the task via stickers or labels. Lightning Labels can help in either case, becoming your partner in improving your brand's visual impact. While maple syrup's delicious taste is incentive enough for shoppers to buy it in most cases, you need to make sure these browsing grocery buyers pick your brand - and that's where bold and exciting labels can really help.

  • Get in the Spirit: Promote Your Team, Business or Fundraiser with Spirit Sheets

    A Great Assortment

    When it's time to promote a local sports team, any kind of business or a one-off event, there are lots of different custom sticker options. Instead of picking a single shape or size of stickers, you can select spirit sheets, which combine many different shapes and sizes of stickers. This is an especially good choice if you're responsible for a football team, as Lightning Labels offers a special football spirit sheet option, with ball and helmet-shaped custom stickers.

    Custom spirit sheets are a versatile and affordable way to give out coupons to supporters, alongside stickers that will last a long time, carrying your team or brand's message. You can even give them to team members or employees - team building spirit sheets will let them show their own support or hand the many stickers out to friends and family.

    Many Possible Uses

    When you've got a school or professional sports season coming up, a fundraiser to promote or a company putting on a sale, it's time to consider spirit sheets. These contain between one and three rectangular die-cut stickers, combined with smaller circular options and either a large circle or a mouse pad-sized option, all printed with repositional adhesive in full color. Many different scenarios work well with spirit sheets.

    Professional or scholastic sports teams: When you're marketing tickets for a local sports team, no matter the game in question, a spirit sheet can be handy. You can make one of the small die-cut stickers into a coupon for discounted concessions at the stadium, use the larger ones to display the upcoming schedule or the roster. These applications will make recipients keep the stickers around their houses, stuck to the refrigerator or computer, with your logo always front-and-center. Soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs and hockey pucks are all circular, opening up easy design possibilities for the round stickers. Footballs are an odd shape - but Lightning Labels has you covered, offering a standard option which contains smaller stickers shaped like with footballs and helmets.

    Business events or nonprofit fundraisers: When it's time to promote a company or nonprofit, printing up spirit sheets can help get the word out. Coupons are still a great choice for the smaller die-cut stickers. If the event is for a company, lists of hours or services offered can go on the larger stickers, with logos and contact information on the smaller ones. If your brand's logo is appealing enough, these stickers may end up on home appliances, phones, tablets or computers. If you're running a nonprofit instead of a for-profit company, you can give fundraiser spirit sheets to your donors, giving them many ways to show their support for your organization and keep your contact information close.

    Organizations of Any Size can Benefit

    There's no such thing as a company, nonprofit, school or team too large or small to promote itself via spirit sheets from Lightning Labels. With minimum order sizes as low as 50 and quick turnaround times, anyone can get these excellent promotional tools at a reasonable price. Spreading a name and a logo via custom stickers is a powerful branding tool, and spirit sheets contain many different shapes and sizes of stickers, suited to a variety of applications.

  • Labels and Stickers a Worthy Focus During Child Safety and Protection Month

    Are Your Products Properly Labeled?

    When it comes to keeping kids safe, there's never a bad time. However, November is an especially apt month to ask whether brands and individuals are doing all they can. Child Safety and Protection Month is set aside to raise awareness of any places or things that may be putting kids in danger. If you own a brand that produces household items, how is your labeling strategy? Could new custom child safety labels increase the chances of parents and guardians using the products in the correct way? If so, it's time for a change: If your new approach protects even one child, it's been a success.

    Child Safety Labels - Going Beyond the Basics

    Great safety labels aren't just about measuring up to regulations and laws governing product packaging. Complying with such rules is non-negotiable, of course, but Child Safety and Protection Month provides a great chance to go beyond the minimums. Choking hazards, sharp edges, harmful chemicals - all sorts of everyday household goods could be dangerous if they're left unattended or used wrong. It's time to take a long, honest look at your products and ensure everything is properly labeled.

    Items that deserve child safety labels include a wide swath of products. Items designed to protect kids, such as car seats, need accurate information on proper usage. Products that might be present in the kitchen or bathroom, such as cleaning chemicals, should have clear warnings. The people who need to see these labels aren't necessarily the children they're designed to protect. The most vulnerable kids are too young to know what the warnings mean, and their parents or other guardians are the ones who really need to get the message.

    Well-Marked Workplaces and Homes

    Items that might end up in public places and businesses are just as important to label as those designed for the home. Child Safety and Protection Month is a time to ponder whether adults are doing enough to ensure kids don't end up hurt, no matter where they may be. Businesses with equipment or areas that pose a risk to children - from hot surfaces to long drops and everything in between - should ensure they are marked. An order of custom stickers with appropriate warnings can provide the necessary warnings and info.

    Time to Order Child Safety Labels and Stickers

    No matter how you want to label your products or workplace, it's time to take action. While November is already underway, there is time to launch the new initiative before December. Lightning Labels uses all-digital processes and domestic rather than outsourced facilities to ensure that clients get their orders in a matter of days, not weeks or months. You can choose your material, too - tough options may be best for child safety labels and stickers, to ensure they don't fade over time and keep imparting their important messages.

    While you may believe too many warning labels make your products lack appeal for customers, there's no such thing as too much caution. Shoppers will see that your brand or business has their children's safety in mind, and be glad for your preparedness.

  • Patriotic Stickers Just in Time for Veterans Day

    Send a Patriotic Message with Patriotic Stickers

    This Veterans Day, you can show how much you appreciate service members' contributions and sacrifices through bold, patriotic stickers. Bumper stickers make an especially good choice, as they are tough and highly visible, and can go on just about any hard surface - not just the bumper of a car. Whether you're producing these stickers to hand out to customers who shop with your business or want them for a party put on by a town government, nonprofit or any other kind of group, Lightning Labels can help.

    Great-looking Patriotic Stickers Pay Tribute to Veterans

    Patriotic red, white and blue sends a clear message of support for the nation's veterans, and there are numerous designs that can incorporate motifs saluting the troops' service. Veterans Day stickers given out at a business can contain the company's logo or name in small text next to content and images that salute veterans. Custom stickers that serve as part of a town's parade or other celebration can also name the location and year, so people remember where and how they commemorated the holiday this year..

    The great thing about opting for bumper stickers as your vehicle for Veterans Day messaging is that they stay strong and vibrant for a long time - provided you work with a good printing service. Chances are, you'll be seeing your stickers around town on cars, laptops, in store windows and on just about any other hard surface. If you use top-quality materials and processes to print a good design, bumper stickers can endure and let the world know that your brand or organization wants to publicly thank military members for their service.

    There is room to get granular with the designs on Veterans Day stickers. If you want to salute people who served in a particular conflict or branch of the military, there is room to do so. Towns and cities can pay special tribute to the vets from those locations. Veterans charities can promote their activities through stickers, or hand stickers out to those who make contributions. There is no limit to the number of uses businesses, nonprofits and local government bodies can get out of patriotic stickers.

    Order Patriotic Stickers Now

    While the fact that November is underway seems to point to it being too late to order stickers for Veterans Day, the advanced all-digital printing techniques in use at Lightning Labels turn buying stickers from a weeks-long process to one measured in days. Lightning Labels uses all domestic facilities instead of outsourcing print jobs, which cuts additional time and cost off of shipping orders to buyers.

    On top of the speed enhancements enabled by digital printing, this method also makes it cost-effective to work with small batch sizes. Some companies or organizations may not have any reason to order thousands of bumper stickers. That's all right - with Lightning Labels, even limited-scale orders have low per-unit prices. When it's time to salute former military members on Veterans Day or at any time of the year, attractive patriotic stickers will get the message out.

  • Prepare for the Winter Now with Weatherproof Labels

    Tough Labels Will Survive Harsh Weather

    When it's time to design labels for your products, you have to think about how those items will be used. If they're going to be out in the elements for any extended amount of time, it's vital to ensure they're made of a tough material. This is extra-important now, as winter approaches. Luckily, there are plenty of great options out there. Work with a third-party partner such as Lightning Labels and you can have weather resistant labels and stickers ready to go before winter's chill comes to town.

    The Toughest Materials

    When you're designing cold weather proof labels, it pays to work with white flexible vinyl, a material that will survive even when exposed to the elements for a long time. If you anticipate your products are likely to be used outside this winter, it's time to invest in such a substance, or else you risk losing the visibility granted by labels that stay in place. Even once spring comes around, white flexible vinyl remains a good choice if durability in outdoor conditions is something you require.

    In addition to products' packaging labels, it's possible to add a little additional information by applying cold weather stickers. The same thinking applies here as to labels: If you want these stickers to survive for long periods of time in outdoor situations this winter, it's best to pick a tough material and a printing partner such as Lightning Labels that can ensure your order looks great.

    Ideal Designs

    Once you've picked a material that won't peel off or fade, even when enduring tough weather, it's time to ensure your chosen imagery and text are compelling and will catch customers' eyes. All-digital printers such as Lightning Labels can produce bright, high-quality designs that look great, even on tough materials such as white flexible vinyl, which frees you up to work with whatever imagery you think best expresses your brand's value proposition.

    When it comes to cold weather labels, it may be best to use tough, outdoors-centric imagery that matches the strong materials you've used to make the labels themselves. People will realize at once that your products will see them through the winter when you use this type of message, especially if it's printed on a label that doesn't peel or fade even as the snow piles up outside. Your product labels and stickers are the face of your brand, and doing a good job keeping them vibrant through the tough winter can make a powerful impression on potential buyers.

    There's Still Time to Order

    Winter is almost upon us. Does that mean you'll have to wait until next year to deploy your cold-weather labels? Not if you work with Lightning Labels. The nature of Lightning Labels' all-digital processes and U.S.-based facilities enables fast turnaround times that get orders into buyers' hands in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. If you want to ensure you get tougher labels or stickers onto your products this year instead of next, there's still time. No matter what Mother Nature unleashes this year, you want your products' branding to stay strong.

  • Use Custom Labels and Stickers to Prepare for Small Business Saturday

    Make Your Small Business Stand Out This Year

    Small Business Saturday falls on November 26 this year. How are you getting ready? It's important to get the word out and not let this marvelous marketing opportunity pass you by. People will be actively looking for local companies to support, and it's up to you to ensure that they pick yours.

    Turning curious browsing shoppers into repeat customers is a multi-step process, and this year, custom labels and stickers can help you at every stop along the way. You can use custom stickers to promote your brand and small businesses in general in the run-up to Small Business Saturday, then hand them out to customers to keep eyes on your company for much longer. There's still time to make these preparations if you act now.

    Refresh Labels and Stickers Now

    It's always a good time to refresh your product branding, but Small Business Saturday is an especially opportune moment. People will be out and about considering which brands to buy from. If you use a new labeling strategy that plays up your local roots and small company bona fides, it will make shoppers feel better about making a purchase. Once they've bought something once, they'll ideally come back often. The window to make that first sale may be very narrow, so it's good to ensure your customized labels look great this Small Business Saturday.

    What kind of imagery makes a good custom label? That will vary widely depending on what type of products you sell. A few general principles ring true all the time, however. You may want to use pictures that play up your local roots, with regional landmarks or recognizable symbols. You can also use text to tell your story, provided you work with a label provider that can deliver attractive, high-quality products. No matter which visual look you go with, its impact will decrease if the actual printing is substandard.

    Hand Out Stickers

    Small Business Saturday gives you another avenue to turn browsing shoppers into longtime advocates for your brand. If you hand out attractive bumper stickers adorned with local imagery or pro-small-business messages, you may convince consumers to spread your company's name far and wide on their cars, computers or anything else that will serve as a good canvas for stickers. As long as you order bumper stickers from an effective print partner with access to tough materials, they can last for a long time. Make the designs aesthetically pleasing, and you'll make the choice to apply the stickers easy for your customers.

    Time To Order Now It's almost Small Business Saturday - November 26 is fast approaching. This is no problem, though, because you have access to Lightning Labels' services. Lightning Labels, true to its name, is a lightning-fast partner that can get you an order in a matter or days, not weeks or months. Through all-digital processes and by using domestic facilities instead of outsourcing, Lightning Labels has made quick turnaround times a point of pride. Add in the high-quality printing possible on its printers, and it's clear that Lightning Labels is the partner you need this Small Business Saturday.

  • Promote Fun New Flavors During National Popcorn Poppin' Month

    Get New Eyes on Your Popcorn Brand

    If you sell popcorn, October is a great time to make an extra push for your products - it's National Popcorn Poppin' Month! The summer is a big season for popcorn as the snack of choice at blockbuster movies and sports games. Now, as winter approaches, this theme month gives you an added chance to draw attention. Time to celebrate with colorful and eye-catching popcorn stickers.

    Debut a Flavor or Share a Recipe

    There are many ways to celebrate the event. Maybe a fun recipe or new flavor could encourage shoppers to put your brand of popcorn in their carts. This is where popcorn stickers come in - attach these to your items and they'll stand out from competitors that don't do anything special for October. Bold and colorful flavor stickers ensure that browsing consumers won't pass your popcorn by - introducing a new type of seasoning is a great chance to reach out to new customers and draw previous buyers back into the fold.

    You can also give shoppers an idea for a new way to prepare your classic popcorn with recipe labels. These add a little extra incentive to buy your brand. If customers want to take the recipe home and try it for themselves, they'll pick the brand with the instructions printed on the label. National Popcorn Poppin' Month is a great reason to introduce this feature to your packaging, and it can become a lasting element, with recipes rotating by season.

    Imagine all the great popcorn-based snacks you can suggest as the holiday season approaches. You can even go with more than one at a time. For benefits that go well beyond October, you can also change up the graphic design of your food labels altogether. If your brand's packages are more than a few years old, they may be in line for a refresh, one that incorporates the latest digital printing techniques to ensure they're packed with great imagery and sharp, easy-to-read text.

    Another consideration is the changing nutrition facts label. In the years ahead, the values printed on these back panels will have to change to paint a more accurate picture. Best to establish a strong relationship with a labeling provider now, rather than ending up unprepared when it's legally required to make changes to your packaging.

    Ready to Go

    While October is already underway, you can still get a new look for your brand in record time when dealing with a digital-native, domestically located printing partner such as Lightning Labels. When order times are measured in days rather than weeks or months, quick pivots are possible. Furthermore, all-digital printing keeps costs down even when order sizes are small.

    Promoting a special event such as National Popcorn Poppin' Month can mean changing a brand's popcorn labels or adding stickers to packages that celebrate the month. Each of these strategies can be repeated many times throughout the year as the seasons change and new recipes or venues for popcorn consumption become relevant. Be ready for the winter holidays, for the opening day of next baseball season and more as the months pass.

  • October is National Cookie Month

    Custom Stickers and Labels are Perfect for Cookies

    If there's one thing in this world that doesn't need extra oomph to sell, it's delicious, fresh-baked cookies, right? Maybe - but October is National Cookie Month, and people will have a lot of choices regarding which treats to sample. If you want your baked goods to stand out in a crowded field, it's time to step up and adorn them with cookie labels or stickers.

    This month is a great time to celebrate and get the word out about your cookies whether you sell to supermarkets, run your own walk-in bakery, sell at farmers' markets or just give out batches to friends and family. Breaking down strategies by the scale of your operation shows just how many uses there are for cookie stickers.


    If you produce cookies as part of a line of foods to be sold at supermarkets and other major retail outlets, custom food labels designed with National Cookie Month in mind can convince curious shoppers to make a purchase. They might not have decided what to buy when they enter the store, and bright, high-quality labels can convince them to celebrate National Cookie Month. Ideally, they'll come back for more even when October is done.


    Even if you mostly sell cookies on your own premises, there's plenty of room to improve the distinctive look of your product lineup with food labels that celebrate National Cookie Month. As you're likely baking up a fresh batch of cookies every day, it's easy to change out the labels and stickers you wrap them in based on the month. National Cookie Month, Halloween, Thanksgiving and on to the winter holidays - each season's imagery can make your products more exciting to the eye.

    Farmers' Market Sellers

    When you set up a stall at a farmers' market, there's plenty of competition from other vendors. People can browse the aisles without having a solid idea of what they're there for, so draw their eyes to your table with colorful and bold cookie labels and stickers that tell them this is National Cookie Month. Make your baked good seem exciting and it won't be hard to drum up business at this autumn's markets.

    Hobbyist Bakers

    Even if you're just baking for friends and family, cookie stickers are a great way to reach out. Use personalized stickers to let people know you're thinking of them. Or perhaps you could use homemade goods to promote an event at a child's school or a business in a field other than food. All-digital printers such as Lightning Labels don't charge huge amounts for short print runs of stickers, and allow extreme customization - so professionally made stickers are in your budget.

    Now's the time to move on National Cookie Month stickers - October has already begun. Luckily, the natural appeal of fresh-baked cookies will do a lot of the promotional work for you. It's time to add just a bit more flair with custom stickers to let everyone know that you're celebrating a special time of year. With Lightning Labels' quick turnaround times, it's not too late.

  • Promote Awareness of your Favorite Causes with Custom Stickers and Labels

    A Month to Boost Perception

    There's perhaps no charity awareness symbol more recognized around the world than the pink ribbon that reminds people to look for the signs of breast cancer - potentially saving lives. Those ribbons appear every October, and it's no coincidence - this is awareness month, a time for individuals, nonprofits and businesses alike to promote their most passionately supported charitable causes.

    You can take many approaches to getting your message out, but one visual medium in particular can reach people in every walk of life, both during October and for months afterwards - awareness stickers and labels. These bright reminders to support charitable causes can have a real impact, and it's not too late to order some and make a difference before October is over.

    Awareness is Important

    Depending on the cause, increasing awareness of an important issue can literally save lives. The campaign to educate people about breast cancer risk is an example of such an effort. The ubiquitous pink ribbon is a reminder for more individuals to receive screenings for cancer. If you want to become part of this campaign, breast cancer awareness stickers can take many forms. Bumper stickers are a great choice - they can last longer than the month, and go on many other surfaces in addition to cars.

    Labels on products, too, can be changed up to support a good cause. Think of the impact bright pink breast cancer awareness labels on just about any sort of package can have. They draw the eye and remind viewers of an important issue. Brands can throw their promotional weight behind their favorite causes by committing some space on their products, and reach their audiences. And this change in branding doesn't appear likely to harm those items' appeal - if anything, shoppers will be glad the companies have turned their attention to important issues.

    Time to Launch Campaigns

    October is already underway, but that doesn't mean it's too late to support the causes you are most enthusiastic about promoting. Working with an all-digital printing partner such as Lightning Labels is a fast and painless process, and you can have your cause labels and stickers in hand in a matter of days, rather than weeks or months. Furthermore, digital printing processes don't necessitate the creation of plates. Cutting out that step means that smaller batch sizes are available for reasonable prices. Even if your organization is small - or you're launching an awareness campaign as an individual - you can find an order amount that works for you.

    It's time to reach out to the world and promote the ideas that matter most to you. Awareness of issues such as diseases to be fought can make a real difference, and stickers and labels can help those messages reach a wider audience. When you see your stickers still being displayed in November and beyond, you'll know you made the right choice of medium, and Lightning Labels' tough and high-resolution offerings are the perfect match for any such campaign. October has already commenced, so don't let another day tick away.

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