Extended Content Labels

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    Whether you're required by law to share details such as an ingredient list or you simply want to give your customers more information about your products, there are numerous cases in which it's appropriate to make extensive additions to labels' contents, and a few potential ways to add space for the extra details. The most basic approaches involve simply making font sizes smaller or removing some branded imagery. Those are unsatisfying solutions, however, weakening the overall look of your products on store shelves.

    Fortunately, the other methods of adding extra facts to your labels are much more compatible with great visual design.

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  • When it comes to product labeling, constantly changing rules and regulations add to the amount of information you need to include on packaging. Running out of space is a problem. The solution for that issue is extended content labels or ECLs, which can multiply the text area you have available without sacrificing shelf appeal.

    What Kind Of Content Do You Need To Add?

    If you're in the food business, FDA nutritional information represents a large block of required facts and figures that consumers want to know before purchasing your product. In addition to regulatory material, there are items such as ingredients lists, directions for preparation, recipe suggestions and company background.

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