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    Kick off Autumn Craft Fair Season with Custom LabelsGet Ready for Fall Craft Fairs with Customized Labels

    There's a lot to love about fall. Pumpkin-flavored everything, leaves changing color before falling off trees, the heat of the summer slowly giving way to the crisp air and slight chill that constitute what the kids call "hoodie weather" and, of course, craft fairs.

    Kick off autumn craft fair season in style with customized labels to help make your handmade wares pop. At even the smallest of local craft fairs, competition can get fierce, with artwork, jewelry and assorted tools and trinkets everywhere you look. Give yourself every advantage in terms of standing out from the crowd by making sure your stickers and labels are eye-catching and unique - just like your products.

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  • Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season

    This time of year seemed so far away at the beginning of the summer, but for many families, school is already right around the corner. According to research by the National Retail Federation, back-to-school spending has increased by 42 percent over the past decade, and consumers' willingness to spend at this time of year has the potential to affect purchases of small things, such as back-to-school labels and stickers, to laptops, tablets and other big-ticket items. In fact, according to the NRF's Back-to-School Spending Survey, the average family with kids in grades K-12 will spend $630.

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  • Use Custom Labels to Make Your Pool Party Unforgettable. Jazz Up Your Party Planning With Custom Party Labels

    During the long, hot months of summer, it can seem as if events like barbecues and poolside gatherings are a dime a dozen. When you're pool party planning, it may be hard to figure out ways to make your summer shindig stand out from the rest.

    Are party favors on your list of party ideas? Favors are one small aspect that can have a surprisingly large impact on a gathering, especially when you incorporate the added pizzazz of customized party labels.

    Stand Out Thanks to Unusual Party Ideas

    Many people remember party favors from their childhoods, but there's no reason kids should have all the fun.

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  • Vibrant Spring Product Labels.Spring into Spring with Bright Labels

    After a long, cold winter, the first signs of spring come as a blessed reminder that the dreariness of the previous season won't last forever - and you can harness this sense of joy by revamping your product packaging with bright labels that rival the vibrancy of the newly budding flowers. But what if your part of the world is still experiencing the depths of winter? In this case, bright labels will act as a positive reminder of what's to come once the snow melts. Especially when it comes to this time of year, it's safe to assume that the brighter the label, the more attracted consumers will be to it.

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  • Prepare for the spring season by labeling baby shower gifts.Labeling Baby Shower Gifts For Spring

    Spring is a season of growth and renewal, and a perfect time for to consider labeling baby shower gifts. No matter what trimester you're on, springtime is an ideal time for a baby shower. With the weather finally clearing up and the scent of flowers in the air, this is the perfect season to make lasting memories. Trees are budding and signs of life are finally blooming after the long, cold winter. Customizing labels for a baby shower is a great way to make the day even more special for the mother. Start thinking about what you're going to need now, from baby shower water bottle labels to party favors.

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  • 3 Halloween Label Ideas to Treat, not Trick Sales

    Halloween label ideas from Lightning Labels Halloween label ideas can boost brand visibility this season.
    As the fall weather settles in, brands are seeking fun Halloween label ideas to give their products a marketing edge. The holiday is just weeks away, and as consumers across the country prepare for Halloween by shopping for costumes, decorations and candy, unique and attractive custom food labels are sure to catch their eyes. Whether you're a candy company looking to revamp your seasonal marketing strategy or a bakery aiming to launch Halloween products for the first time, you likely want labels that go beyond simply acknowledging the holiday. Continue reading >
  • DIY Sticker Labels Are Fun and Easy

    DIY Sticker Labels from the state-of-the-art printers at Lightning Labels DIY Sticker Labels from the state-of-the-art printers at Lightning Labels

    Whether you're looking for a fun way to label household items and office supplies or you want to promote your band, club or group of any kind, Do It Yourself or DIY sticker labels can be a great way to craft attractive and useful items.

    Stickers can play a major role in everyday home and office tasks. They can save time, help people avoid making mistakes in the kitchen and at work and generally allow for more organized activity. Meanwhile, stickers can also boost marketing and branding strategies.

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