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    January 13 is National Sticker Day

    Who doesn't like a good sticker? Whether it is meant to display a political leaning via a bumper sticker, or show support of a cause on a backpack or other accessory, a well-designed sticker can be a great way to spice up a range of items. Since January 13 is National Sticker Day, the time is now to get moving on projects related to custom stickers that will be distributed to consumers and others ahead of the event, thus boosting brand awareness in the process.

    Aligning the brand with major events - especially those that give clear and definitive opportunities to get the image of a company out into the public - should always be a point of focus for marketers, sales teams and project managers.

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  • New Year, New Custom Labels

    The New Year Approaches

    Starting fresh can go a long way in business when the new year arrives, and one of the more straightforward ways to do so is to launch a new packaging and product labeling strategy. Leaders should be asking themselves if their products need a new look for 2016 and, if the answer is yes, look into fresh materials, colors and design schemes for their labels. Although it might not seem like a lot, a novel brand management strategy can go a long way toward pushing revenues higher in the coming months.

    This is not to say that the wheel should be entirely reinvented, as every brand needs to sustain some level of continuity over time, but rather that smaller changes can keep the company relevant and interesting among target markets.

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    Adorn Handmade Holiday Gifts with Festive Stickers

    Make Handmade Products Fly

    Relatively simple, mass-produced products will often have simple decals, stickers and labels on the packaging, and that is fine given the fact that these items are a dime a dozen, so to speak. However, if you produce handmade products and are looking to make some waves this holiday shopping season, you might want to consider looking into festive stickers that will ensure the aesthetic of your items' packaging shows the same care as what is inside.

    Holiday stickers can glam up your handmade products to boost their appeal on the shelves and the Web, all the while ensuring that the custom, carefully crafted items are consistently themed.

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  • Take Advantage of the Zodiac Signs to Personalize Your Products

    Get Your Scorpio Custom Labels Today!

    Zodiac signs and astrology at large have become more popular among consumers in the past several decades, and many individuals will look over their horoscopes on a daily basis, trying to align their lives with the stars above. One of the more important drivers of brand recognition and stature involves capitalizing upon opportunities to spread the word and connect the company's image to hot trends, and personalized custom labels can be a great way to do this.

    Customization has become a critical aspect of marketing and product management in the past few years, and companies can take a range of approaches to get these projects underway and in motion.

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  • Capitalizing On Eat Better, Eat Together Month

    How Will You Observe Eat Better, Eat Together Month?

    Food manufacturers, growers and sellers have been given many opportunities to boost awareness about their brands throughout the year given the increase in days, weeks and months devoted to one delicacy or another. However, October might be the most advantageous of all, as it is in close proximity to November and December, which tend to be the busiest times of the year for all types of sellers, and recently became Eat Better, Eat Together Month.

    This particular event is meant to build awareness regarding the importance of not only eating healthy, but also sitting down for meals with the whole family to strengthen the ties between relatives.

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  • Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season Don't Forget Back-to-School Labels This Shopping Season

    This time of year seemed so far away at the beginning of the summer, but for many families, school is already right around the corner. According to research by the National Retail Federation, back-to-school spending has increased by 42 percent over the past decade, and consumers' willingness to spend at this time of year has the potential to affect purchases of small things, such as back-to-school labels and stickers, to laptops, tablets and other big-ticket items. In fact, according to the NRF's Back-to-School Spending Survey, the average family with kids in grades K-12 will spend $630.

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  • Use Custom Labels to Make Your Pool Party Unforgettable. Jazz Up Your Party Planning With Custom Party Labels

    During the long, hot months of summer, it can seem as if events like barbecues and poolside gatherings are a dime a dozen. When you're pool party planning, it may be hard to figure out ways to make your summer shindig stand out from the rest.

    Are party favors on your list of party ideas? Favors are one small aspect that can have a surprisingly large impact on a gathering, especially when you incorporate the added pizzazz of customized party labels.

    Stand Out Thanks to Unusual Party Ideas

    Many people remember party favors from their childhoods, but there's no reason kids should have all the fun.

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  • Vibrant Spring Product Labels.Spring into Spring with Bright Labels

    After a long, cold winter, the first signs of spring come as a blessed reminder that the dreariness of the previous season won't last forever - and you can harness this sense of joy by revamping your product packaging with bright labels that rival the vibrancy of the newly budding flowers. But what if your part of the world is still experiencing the depths of winter? In this case, bright labels will act as a positive reminder of what's to come once the snow melts. Especially when it comes to this time of year, it's safe to assume that the brighter the label, the more attracted consumers will be to it.

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  • Beer Bottle Labels Become GIFs on Tumblr

    Beer bottle labels from numerous alcohol manufacturers have received a special treatment online - they've been animated. According to Gizmodo, a gadget review and news site, media editor Trevor Carmick has created a blog called "Beer Labels in Motion," where he takes existing labels and brings them to life online.

    Orlando Weekly reported that the collection of animated images look real. Popular brewers like Dogfish Head, Miller Genuine Draft,  Yeti and Bitter American have received the treatment, and Carmick has promised more companies will have their beer labels become GIFs online

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  • Recognize Earth Day with Custom Labels

    Earth Day may come only once a year, but Lightning Labels celebrates all year long with eco-friendly custom labels and tips for preserving resources. As Lightning Labels takes sustainability seriously, the company recently became the first high-resolution digital label printing business to use EarthFirst PLA to make its custom labels. EarthFirst PLA is a new material that is made from corn in place of petroleum. As petroleum-based products can linger in landfills for years, using a corn-based material helps preserve the space and the Earth. Although this material is biodegradable, it is also exceedingly durable and high in quali

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