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    Facebook Voters Crown Label Contest's Top 5

    Back in May, we announced the kickoff of our fourth annual label contest and invited our customers to show off the product labels and stickers they printed with Lightning Labels. Once the submission period closed, fans of Lightning Labels on Facebook were encouraged to vote for their favorite product photos.

    With each entry more compelling than the last, there was some stiff competition, but voters were ultimately able to whittle down the options to five winners.

    Scentsational Soaps Claims Grand Prize in Image Contest

    Scentsational Soaps of California came out on top in our image contest and took home the grand prize - a Canon EOS Rebel camera.

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  • Heat and Waterproof LabelsSun-Proofing Labels Helps Products Hold Up in Summer

    After what proved to be a long, dreary winter in many parts of the country, people are welcoming the soaring temperatures and the reappearance of that giant celestial orb in the sky - that is, except for manufacturers who failed to acknowledge that they needed to engage in sun-proofing their product labels for the summer.

    When temperatures are high, certain products tend to fly off the shelves, including sunscreen to keep the sun's damaging rays at bay, lip balm to moisten lips on hot days and lotion to stave off dry, cracked skin and soothe sunburn.

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  • Happy Mother's DayAre Your Product Labels Ready for Mother's Day?

    Mother's Day is less than a month away, so if you sell candles, cosmetics and beauty items, now is the time to kick off the process of decking out your product labels ahead of the big day.

    More often than not, moms are the glue holding households together. They ferry their kids to school, play dates and sports games, hold down the fort at home and, as if this weren't a full-time job in its own right, many even have their own careers on top of all that. There's no doubt about it - moms are busy people. So, when Mother's Day rolls around this May 10, the best gift families can give their matriarchs is relaxation.

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  • candle-labels."Acknowledging the Importance of Heatproof Labels

    When it comes to packaging, some types of items come with pretty standard requirements - most food products, for example - whereas others have more specific needs, such as waterproof or heatproof labels.

    For instance, bath and body product labels need to be able to withstand contact with water and oils, while the stickers on candles must hold up to heat and be flame-resistant. As well as fulfilling practical concerns, custom labels and stickers need to be vibrant and high-quality in order to catch the attention of consumers.

    Strike a Balance with Custom Candle Labels

    As far as custom candle labels are concerned, enterprises that focus solely on the aesthetic aspect or safety considerations will likely miss the mark.

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  • Labels on laundry products don't always tell the whole story, but many consumers are taken in by their deceptive language, TODAY recently reported.

    "Don't blindly believe the big words on the front label that get you to buy without thinking," author Linda Cobb, a.k.a. the Queen of Clean, told the news source. "Words like 'safe,' 'natural,' 'green' and 'oxygen-based' are buzz words to get you to feel safe buying products labeled that way."

    Does 'Non-Toxic' Mean 'Safe'? A good example of a word that might not mean exactly what you think it does is "non-toxic." Typically, shoppers regard a product that's labeled "non-toxic" as being harmless.

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  • Customized Candle LabelsCandle Labels Help Manufacturers Fit Every Holiday

    Candle labels do more than convey information about a product, they also help manufacturers position their candles for specific seasons, holidays and other themes. Take one look at the next two months and it will become quite apparent there are numerous occasions that may call for specialized candles. For instance, orange and black candles may be perfect for Halloween celebrations. Advent candles are a common decoration in advance of Christmas, while menorah candles play a pivotal role in the observance of Hanukkah. Whether it is a religious celebration, a holiday or simply a way to commemorate the passing of seasons, there are candles can be used for numerous occasions.

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  • Holiday Candle LabelsCandle Labels Set the Mood During the Holidays

    Candles are an important part of the holidays, and by crafting appealing candle labels, makers can generate more sales during this time-frame. Whether the candles are for religious celebrations or simply to set the mood around the house, candles are often important centerpieces during the holidays. "A molded candle can light up a room even after the flame is out," suggested Martha Stewart. "They're ideal as a centerpiece for the holiday table or as a gift for a dear friend."

    Custom Candle Labels Turn a Hobby Into a Gift

    If people are looking for a low-cost gift this holiday season, candles with custom candle labels are perfect.

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  • Custom Candle LabelsSpring Is the Time to Start Labeling for Gifts

    When labeling for gifts this spring, be sure to appeal to the gift buyer, not just the recipient. While you have to keep the final consumer in mind during the packaging design process, it's important to remember who will actually be purchasing products intended as gifts. To make sure your products appear to be good choices for presents, you may have to call attention to various holidays on the label. A lot of gift-giving takes place in the spring months, so making soap stickers and custom candle labels could be a smart way to grow sales. Remember Father's and Mother's Day are coming up, as well as graduations and all kinds of other spring events, including birthdays and anniversaries.

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  • Create Your Own Labels for Candles This Holiday Season

    create your own labels for candles Create your own labels to help sell candles this holiday season.
    If you create your own labels for candles, consider taking advantage of the sales opportunity the winter holidays provides. Whether you sell candles in retail stores across the country or at craft fairs and farmers markets, seasonal marketing can help boost your products' visibility in the coming weeks. Around Thanksgiving, consumers are looking for products that either make great holiday gifts or play a role in festive celebrations. Christmas candles are a popular purchase this time of year, and with the right labels, you'll see shoppers flock toward your product offerings. Continue reading >
  • Brighten Your Products with Custom Candle Labels That Catch Eyes at Summer Venues

    candle labels


    As vendors of all types prepare their products for the great number of farmers markets that occur during the summer months, it may be high time to consider giving your brand a reboot with custom candle labels. Whether your booth has become an established favorite at farmers markets or you're preparing for your first summer of selling at outdoor venues, your product awareness and sales will likely benefit from a packaging overhaul. High-quality labels that are both heat resistant and attractive are an easy, affordable and effective way to boost your branding efforts and market your produc Continue reading >
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