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    When you update your product line or make changes to your company's branding, it's time for new custom labels. Choosing a reliable partner to create those labels will play a large part in determining how successful your new packaging strategy is.

    You can look for the following traits to guide your search and settle on the ideal labeling provider for your needs.

    1. Quick Turnaround Times

    When you're hurrying to get a new product on shelves, make a needed label change for compliance purposes or rebrand your line, you don't want to wait extra days or weeks to complete the process. This is why it's important to work with a partner company such as Lightning Labels, which employs an all-digital printing process to print labels and ship them out in a matter of days, printing within 48-72 hours of final proof approval.

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  • Customers are extremely interested in candles during November and December. These months are the peak of the holiday shopping season, when candles make great presents or home decorations. Combine that holiday-season interest with a more general wish to make homes warmer and cozier as the nights get longer and the snow starts to fall, and you get a perfect time for candle marketing.

    There's just one problem - every other candlemaking business will also be promoting its products at this time. How do you get your items to stand out? Your choice of custom candle labels may be the key to success.

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  • Selling products through the Amazon marketplace is one of the most reliable ways to put your goods where customers can find them. Amazon's position of power in the online retail space makes it a valuable ally. If your company has struck up such a relationship with Amazon, there are a few requirements to follow to make sure your items reach buyers as intended. For instance, you should learn and meet the rules for Amazon-approved shipping barcode labels.

    Approved Label Standards

    When you ship your items through Amazon's fulfillment centers as part of the Fulfillment By Amazon program, you have to ensure the items are marked in accordance with Amazon label requirements.

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  • There's more than one way to get custom labels for your company's products. For instance, you can buy printers and bring the process in-house for DIY label printing.

    While the "print my own labels" method may seem like a way to achieve greater control over a packaging strategy, you may be better served by turning to an expert third-party partner. The following are five reasons to think twice before taking the reins of your labeling strategy, which double as great motivation to call Lightning Labels:

    1. Lack of Big Hardware Expenditures

    When you buy a label printer, that takes a significant investment

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  • One of the key ideas behind marketing your vineyard's offerings involves creating a strong image in customers' minds. Winning over people who have never tried one of your wines before is easier when those shoppers can infer facts from the wine bottle label. A well-designed wine bottle label expresses your vineyard's unique identity and encourages purchases, just as a generic or confusing packaging strategy may turn customers away.

    Creating compelling wine bottle labels isn't just about picking the right imagery and text. You should also focus on selecting a perfect material for the custom wine bottle labels, one that completes the brand's image and makes a strong, tactile impression on consumers who examine the bottles in stores.

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  • Company raises coffee-making to fine art

    There are more flavors in coffee than wine. That’s the assessment of Craig Conner, founder of Pablo’s Coffee with three metro Denver retail locations and a wholesale facility.

    “There’s a lot of work between harvesting green coffee beans and turning them into coffee,” notes Craig. “We look at a variety of factors, including acidity, flavor, body, sweetness and aroma and assign an overall score between zero and 100. After we’ve quantified empirically, we talk about it.”

    To figure out which coffees make the final cut, Craig and his colleagues get heavily involved in “coffee cupping,” defined by Wikipedia as: “…the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee.

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  • Golden City Brewery started crafting beer in 1993

    After making the rounds of area breweries, homebrewer Charlie Sturdavant decided to brew up his own business. He and wife Janine, both geologists, founded Golden, CO-based Golden City Brewery in 1993.

    Notes their website, “They filled the old machine shop behind their historic Golden home with used dairy tanks and Charlie began brewing German-style ales. The tasting room was originally located in the sunroom of their house and provided Red Ale and Pale Ale to the local community in half-gallon growlers and kegs. Since that time, the operation has expanded at the same location (still their home

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  • When you're thinking up a labeling strategy for your coffee or tea brand, the ideal labeling material for your purposes will depend on your overall packaging concept. Custom beverage labels for cans or bottles of cold-brewed coffee or iced tea will naturally be very different from the labels attached to bags of coffee grounds or boxes of tea bags.

    Materials That Suit the Product

    Custom tea labels and coffee labels should not only fit the type of containers your brand uses, they should express the company's style and branding. Material and finish choice will be essential in completing this impression.

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  • The products you put on store shelves should look their best at all times, to win the attention of new customers and remind repeat buyers how much they like your brand. This need for great visual appeal naturally leads to questions: What is the best packaging approach for your items? Should you choose custom labels for your bottles, cans, jars and other containers, or should you go with another option, such as shrink wrap?

    Labeling vs. Shrink Wrapping

    There are many advantages to high-quality customized labels. You gain plenty of space to promote your products through vibrant imagery, logos and informational text, making your products more attractive and informative.

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  • Manufacturer of CBDistillery products and other brands turns up the dial on industry professionalism

    Much like the Gold Rush, the current state of the hemp-derived CBD industry dubbed the “Green Rush,” is somewhat confusing and chaotic. A galore of purveyors have been offering a diverse array of products and claims amid increasing scrutiny and regulation by such agencies as the FDA. CBD rules of the road—what is legal, where it is legal and what disclosures or disclaimers are required—continue to be a matter of much discussion among the disarray.

    Founded as a brand in 2016, owned and operated by Balanced Health Botanicals (BHB), CBDistillery set out to set the record straight.

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