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    Market demand for cannabis-based health and beauty products is growing by leaps and bounds. Cannabis Business Times predicted a five-year growth rate of 214% for cannabis-based beauty and skincare topicals.

    With new companies entering the marketplace every day, is your product ready for the competition? Are your cannabis health and beauty labels as premium-looking as they could be to stand out from the crowd? Here is some helpful information to get you started:

    Mainstream Chain Outlets Opening Up

    As legalization grows for cannabis and CBD, resulting in less stigma and more openness on the part of consumers, major chain retailers have been adding CBD products to store shelves.

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  • Elite Nutrient Line offers hydroponic garden growers the ‘gold standard’

    Offering cost-effective and simple nutrient systems for high-yield crops, California-based Elite Garden provides a gold standard to growers of everything from cannabis to corn. The Elite Nutrient Line, developed and manufactured in the golden state, addresses the needs of hobbyists and full-scale growers alike.

    A braintrust consisting of biochemists, engineers and entrepreneurs founded Elite Garden in 2015. The team opened Ocean Hill Farms, a research and development farm, for their nutrient products. In 2017, the firm began co-branding with Ocean Hill Farms to launch a cannabis line.

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  • As the demand for CBD products grows in the marketplace, more brands will be hitting the shelves. That means more competition for your product. Will your CBD glass bottles stand out from all the rest, and what type of labels do you need to accomplish that goal? Here are some quick tips on CBD glass bottle labels to get the best results.

    Start With The Basics

    When you're dealing with CBD glass bottles, there are some basics you need to know. For starters, the label's adhesive properties are critical to how well it performs on the glass surface. First, you need a CBD glass bottle label that withstands different temperature conditions and doesn't crack, peel or unstick before the product makes it out the door.

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  • In the constantly evolving CBD marketplace, even as regulators keep revising rules, consumers continue buying products at an astounding rate. Information on many of the new CBD offerings, however, is inconsistent at best, and potentially misleading at times. For that reason, CBD marketers are being urged to adopt more uniform, accurate and responsible labeling practices - before legislators step in and enact laws to protect customers.

    The investment firm Cowen & Company reported that CBD retail sales in 2018 ranged between $600 million and $2 billion. By 2025, they estimated, that figure would rise to over $16 billion.

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  • EarthTonics founder Daron Hope spearheads crafting of small-batch skincare products from pure, organic and wild-harvested ingredients

    Small-batch products are gaining popularity in many industries. A dedicated and experienced EarthTonics team has brought the concept to skincare, promoting “botanical skin tonics [that] are pure Nature in every drop… Created by Holistic Aesthetician and skincare chef, Daron Hope, our products are handcrafted in small batches from pure, organic & wild-harvested ingredients.”

    The concept is simple: Make a quality product that nourishes and enhances skin quality.

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  • As the vaping market continues to grow, with competition increasing daily, it becomes even more important to develop packages and vape product labels that are strategically planned and executed for maximum impact. Here are five critical items to assure success with your vape product labels:

    1. Target Audience?

    First, ask yourself the question "who are you selling to?" This makes a big difference in terms of vape product label presentation style and approach. The same promotional techniques used for older consumers do not necessarily succeed with younger generations. These groups' attitudes, tastes and perspectives vary greatly, especially in terms of visual appeals that work or product formulations that are targeted to certain ages

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  • Want to grow your brand's sales? One of the best ways to do so is through label design and packaging. What your product looks like on store shelves can make a big difference when it comes to attracting shoppers' attention and making the sale.

    A great deal of research reveals how effective various facets of product appearance can be, including package shape, label, color, and other elements. Some, like a study in the Netherlands, have sought to understand the relationship between package design and consumer behavior in an effort to influence the adoption of more sustainable packaging. Others have investigated the role of nutritional labeling required by governmental regulations

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  • Whatever brand or product you're selling, creating package labels is no simple matter. Just listing ingredients or giving a generic product description is never enough. There needs to be a certain amount of promotional language as well, in order for consumers to even notice what you're offering, and then realize how it differs from all the competitors on the shelf. Without distinctive packaging, attention-getting label artwork and value-focused text, you're essentially leaving shoppers in the dark, with no clue as to why they should choose your product over others.

    So next time you sit down to write the verbiage for your labels, here are some helpful ideas for incorporating more sell-worthy marketing material into the mix:

    Deliver your sales message.

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  • Cannabis packaging offers exciting new opportunities, but sometimes tried-and-true branding know-how is needed to succeed in a surging, evolving marketplace. The wisdom of advertising gurus and package goods experts shouldn't be neglected when venturing out into this bold, bright world. Here are a few cannabis packaging tips to help you make the right decisions for your brand.

    Choose an experienced packaging or label supplier who's thinking long-term. An established partner will be more motivated to stand by you through all the experimental ideas, regulatory changes, detours and ups and downs in this revolutionary new industry

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  • As the craft beer industry continues to boom, competition is getting fiercer - leading to brewers using distinctive craft beer can labels to stand out from the pack. Creativity sells, so beer labels are fast becoming not only a marketing tool, but an art form in themselves. According to Hewlett Packard's Garage blog, some bottles have even achieved status as collectors' items.

    With the sheer variety of beer labels on store shelves, making a buying decision can be challenging. As a result, many shoppers gravitate toward the brightest, boldest, most unusual designs. The TOKY design firm, citing Nielsen studies, said most look at beer style and brand as well as the design of the carrier or box.

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