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    Lightning Label’s lead production specialist Pedro Rodriguez, a Lightning Labels employee for seven years, enjoys an “active lifestyle.” At work, he is involved in everything production-related—including completing reports, scheduling daily jobs, overseeing shipping each day, checking print, die-cutting (including supervising his son, also a Lightning Labels employee), and rewind progress, and making sure all deadlines are met. Oh, and when someone is sick or taking the day off, he’s the go-to guy to cover the position if no one else is available.

    “I’m like a handyman everywhere, floating everywh

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  • Parents buying food for their kids' lunches are stocking up right about now. When it's time to send children back to school, families may opt for new and different foods and beverages to make sure this year's meals are interesting and nutritious. With this bustle of shopping activity comes an important question: Do any of these foods include allergens that might cause a reaction?

    To make your brand more appealing to discerning parents, you should make sure all allergens in the items are clearly labeled, meeting and potentially going beyond your legal requirements. Shoppers will be grateful to see this info written out clearly for them on food allergy labels.

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  • When a new product category emerges, the first few years of those items' availability can be challenging from a regulatory compliance point of view. Bills are often signed into law during these transitional periods that change the labeling or distribution rules regarding the products, forcing companies to change their practices quickly or risk noncompliance.

    The cannabidiol product sector is in such a phase now, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's policies about these nonhallucinogenic hemp derivatives evolving over time. If you're operating in this industry or interested in getting involved, you need to pay attention to the statements coming from this federal agency.

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  • When a product sector is hot, as cannabidiol or CBD is right now, selling that type of item takes on a new kind of challenge. Whereas the wave of popularity brought new curious shoppers into stores, the number of competing businesses has likely increased enormously. If you are marketing CBD goods today, you will have to overcome many other brands' offerings to win shoppers' attention. Premium CBD product labels can go a long way toward achieving such visibility goals.

    Premium CBD Labels Give Your Products Shelf Appeal

    With shoppers increasingly looking for CBD products, drab and boring labels for these items can put a damper on your brand's popularity.

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  • To be a successful food or beverage manufacturer, you must ensure your products' food labels are in compliance with Food and Drug Administration rules. The risk of fines and other action by the agency should be enough to motivate you to check the information you're printing on food labels. It pays to remember that FDA labeling laws aren't just concerned with nutrition facts panels, serving sizes and other numerical elements. You also need to ensure the written claims about your products' health impact fit in with agency guidelines.

    Nutritional Value Claims

    Your custom food labels' promises can't go beyond the bounds set down by the FDA.

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  • When it's time to introduce a new essential oil into your product line or to redesign your company's packaging, you should give some thought to the kind of personality you want your oils to convey on store shelves. When you work with an experienced labeling partner, there is a great deal of flexibility in the appearance and presentation of essential oils, and you can use your labels to differentiate your brand from competitors' offerings.

    Essential Oil Labels: Possibilities and Potential

    If you distribute your products in standardized 10ml roller bottles, for easy application to customers' skin, you need essential oil roller bottle labels that are the perfect size, shape and toughness for the job.

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  • Lightning Labels Sales Service Representative Martin Zamora is dedicated both to the orange and green. The “orange” is his beloved Denver Broncos. He has memories going back the famed Orange Crush defenses of the seventies.

    “I watched them on TV when I was 11 years old. I’ll be going to training camp. And I think we’ll be sneaky good, getting into the playoffs. Vic Fangio is bringing a good dynamic to the team. Elway works better with older, quasi-dad type people to help keep him grounded,” he notes.

    Speaking of quasi-dads, Martin is anything but. He has five boys ranging in age from 18 to 33.

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  • California has a reputation for going its own way when considering labeling laws. The Golden State's stringent rules about health warnings extend across food and beverage categories. A bill that recently passed through the state senate, if signed into law, would add a requirement for warning labels on sugary beverages such as soda.

    Considering the Proposed Rule

    Lawmakers in the California senate are interested in limiting the consumption of beverages that contain a large percentage of sugar. According to the Los Angeles Times, supporters of the bill, such as Sen. Richard Pan, see new labeling laws as a way to strike back against health conditions such as diabetes.

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  • How can you win over customers for your food brand in the crowded aisles of supermarkets? For every type of food and beverage product, there are numerous competing brands; it's up to you to ensure your version is the most memorable and appealing option available. This is where your custom food labels come in, providing differentiation, information and visual excitement.

    A Beacon for Your Brand

    Shoppers selecting foods in a supermarket setting have a limited set of visual cues to go on. When you make bold packaging choices, you can help these customers make up their minds. Stephen Conroy Food Photography offered a reminder that people are emotionally connected to the colors they see on food product labels, which means your choice of hue could be the most important choice in determining how shoppers react to your goods.

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  • When you're a small-business owner in the cosmetics space, competition can be fierce. There are doubtless dozens of other products designed to suit the same needs as your items, sometimes with powerful marketing muscle behind them. It can be daunting to stand out on shelves among so many alternatives. Your best bet from a visibility perspective is to create compelling cosmetic product label designs that impress potential buyers at first glance.

    5 Cosmetic Product Label Tips

    The following are five ways to enhance the look of your products through custom cosmetic labels. These are straightforward hints that can quickly and affordably help your goods stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other brands' offerings.

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