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    Custom Window Decals Can Help Drive Sales for Your Brick and Mortar Business

    Making a brick-and-mortar store look inviting to passersby is one of the critical tactics merchant must learn. There are numerous approaches to signage that can create a professional and eye-catching appearance, including the use of custom window decals. Choosing the right material for your removable decals can determine how well this plan goes: Ideally, you'll find an option that combines great looks, a reliable hold on the window and no-hassle removal when it's time to change decals.

    Hours, Sales and General Info

    Branded removable window decals can take several distinct forms. You could list store hours or tell visitors which items are on sale.

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  • How the NAFTA Labeling War Could Affect Your Food and Beverage Warning Labels

    When creating labels for your brand's food products, you have to walk a line between disclosing essential information and creating an appealing look. The regulations that govern ingredient disclosure and nutrition facts lists are complex and multi-faceted, and they're prone to change. The latest addition to packaging could come in the form of mandatory food and beverage warning labels that don't meet healthy standards, with North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations focusing on this sticking point.

    U.S. Against New Rules, Canada and Mexico For Them

    The contentious tone around the NAFTA renegotiation has spilled into the realm of food and beverage warning symbols, according to The New York Times.

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  • Discover This Year's Soap and Cosmetic Trends May 3-5 in Atlanta

    Owning your own business is a fulfilling way to bring products to customers, but it can be isolating. Getting away from the storefront or storeroom for a day and meeting up with other participants in your industry may yield exciting new insights about trends, best practices and possible sources of value.

    The Handmade Soap and Cosmetics Guild show provides this kind of collaborative environment for the bath and beauty industry. This year, the conference is in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 3-5, with the potential for intensive seminars on May 2.

    Lightning Labels will have a table at the show, so our representatives can demonstrate the potential of high-quality handmade soap and cosmetic labeling.

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  • Personalize Your Wine Bottles With High-Quality Custom Labels

    Wine is a product category driven by unique and interesting branding. Customers in their local stores may have hundreds of bottles arrayed before them, many from vineyards they've never heard of before. How do you make sure your vintages stand out in this saturated space? Unless you put an appropriate amount of effort into your custom wine labels, your products could end up passed over.

    No matter how long you've spent developing a unique and delicious flavor profile for your wines, you're selling them short without great packaging to draw curious customers in. The possibilities of what kinds of imagery you can display on wine labels are nearly endless, and whatever kind of branding your vineyard wants to embody, the bottle is a prime place to get that message across.

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  • Come Visit Lightning Labels at Midwest Vapor Expo in Cleveland, OH April 21-22

    The vape and e-cigarette market is an exciting space, much newer than many other consumer goods markets. This freshness means the best practices of vaping product sales are still evolving. In addition to the great potential and energizing spirit of this commercial environment, there are also plenty of legal requirements to understand and keep in touch with as they change. If your business operates in the e-cigarette market, the Midwest Vapor Expo is a great place to get information and inspiration that will carry your company through the year ahead.

    This April 21 and 22, you can take a day or two out from actively running your business and discover the wares of over 100 fellow companies on the expo floor.

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  • Drive Recruitment During National Volunteer Month with Custom Stickers

    While there's no wrong time for people to volunteer their services to charities and nonprofit organizations, April is an especially prominent month for attracting these altruistic individuals. National Volunteer Month is a support to those who give time and effort to good causes. Organizations hoping to use the month for a major recruitment drive may find custom stickers and other kinds of visual content are effective means of generating attention.

    Bumper Stickers Draw Eyes

    The versatility of bumper stickers is belied by their name. People can put these custom stickers on any hard surface, and it's easy to imagine a decorated laptop, for instance, carrying an organization's message far and wide.

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  • Get Ready for 420 with Custom Cannabis Labels and Stickers

    As various states roll out new laws legalizing medical or recreational sale of cannabis products, new opportunities are opening. If you're one of the entrepreneurs exploring this exciting new space, there are a few important rules and guidelines to obey. With the market growing and consumers visiting to find out what these products are all about, it's time to make sure your business is ready for prime time with custom cannabis labels and stickers.

    Even a few years ago it would have seemed fanciful to have a functional recreational cannabis industry gearing up for the pot-themed holiday of 4/20, appropriately held on April 20.

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  • Prepare for Earth Day with Eco-Friendly Label Materials

    If your company uses its environmentally friendly practices as part of its branding and promotional strategy, Earth Day is a great time to spread your message. However, there's a catch - it's hard to seem truly committed to conservation and ecological responsibility if your products' packages are made out of harsh, artificial materials.

    Custom labels crafted from recycled or biodegradable materials can become the finishing touch on an earth-friendly product strategy, letting customers know your organization doesn't want to contribute to environmental degradation. There's no one way to adopt eco-friendly labels, eithe

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  • Lightning Labels Achieves Customer Service and Production Benchmarks

    Two years after hire, Gary Paulin lauds customer service, capacity, team building progress

    Many people mark anniversaries with a celebratory toast. Gary Paulin, Director of Sales and Customer Service at Denver, CO-based Lightning Labels, is reveling in accomplishments that have propelled the company to meet ambitious customer service, production, and capacity goals—and continue to ratchet up sales.

    Under Paulin’s guidance, Lightning Labels, a full-service custom labels and sticker solution provider, has substantially beefed up customer support and production capacity

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  • Lightning Labels to Exhibit at National Candle Association Conference & Expo in Weston, FL, April 17 - 19

    The candle industry is a unique space for custom candle labels and stickers. Products that deal with open flames require labels that contain vital safety information and stand up to heat.

    Candlemakers can discover these kinds of custom candle labels at shows such as the National Candle Association Conference & Expo. This year's edition of the event will be held in Weston, Florida, between April 17 and 19. Lightning Labels representatives at Booth 14 will be happy to show how an idealized labeling strategy can drive candle sales.

    Experience the Show

    The 2018 National Candle Association Conference & Expo is part of a long tradition of industry events hosted by the organization, dating back to 1974.

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