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    Cannabis labeling laws in Canada have emerged as a hot topic in the newly legalized recreational market. Companies are limited in what they can and cannot print on packaging, which may give entrepreneurial growers and distributors pause, even in provinces where the government is not the sole authorized retail partner for recreational cannabis.

    While generic packaging is naturally a sales and marketing challenge, the opportunity in the cannabis space is too great to ignore. Organizations that can understand the rules laid out by the federal authorities, which are carefully focused on health and safety, will be able to break through to customers in the emerging stages of the industry.

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  • Talk about win-win! Florida-based ScentsAbility, a Lightning Labels partner, has become a major soy candlemaking and scented products manufacturer whose workforce is comprised of young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Everyone benefits—from the youthful workforce able to expand their horizons to consumers looking for beautiful, environmentally-friendly holiday candles.


    Judging by the joy experienced by their people to joyful reviews landing them an aggregate 4.9+ approval rating on Google, Facebook and Yelp, ScentsAbility indeed scores high on the holiday happiness meter!


    AOL also has jumped on the bandwagon, interviewing the ScentsAbility team for its video series “Holiday Heroe

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  • When you customize a Lightning Labels order, you don't just gain control over the content that will appear on your product packaging. Materials and finishes are also selected for each order to suit the exact kind of role you want the finished labels to fulfill. If you manufacture items that are commonly sold, stored or used outside, getting durable labels is a must. Unless you make the labels tough enough to withstand the elements, your branding may fade prematurely in the face of moisture, ultraviolet rays or other outdoor hazards.

    Creating Water- and Weather-Resistant Labels

    Lightning Labels takes such a comprehensive approach to customizable products that you don't just have one single durable option when selecting a material.

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  • Ballot initiatives regarding the legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis products are a growing trend across the U.S., as are prospective laws designed to expand the scope of medical marijuana use. Each new state has its own take on rules such as approved distribution methods and cannabis labels.

    In the November 2018 elections, many questions of this kind were present in multiple states, and voters largely decided in favor of increasing legalization. If your company operates within this exciting industry, it's time to take a look at the new state of the playing field as you prepare logistical considerations such as marijuana labels.

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  • California is known for its food safety labeling rules, which are some of the toughest in the nation. The regulations in the Golden State are often distinct, and since it's common for businesses to sell items across state lines, California-mandated labeling rules often find their way onto general U.S. product labels. Proposition 65, the state regulation behind some of these specific rules, recently received an update. Therefore, it's an excellent time to check on your custom warning labels and ensure they are in line with the latest version of Prop 65.

    Food Industry Faces New Rules

    On August 30, 2018, food producers had to roll out new labels to suit the revised version of Prop 65.

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  • Washington's position as one of the first states to legalize cannabis products for recreational as well as medical use has turned it into an influential test bed for new concepts in growing, distributing and labeling these substances. Innovations and legal developments ongoing in Washington now may appear in other states over the coming years, or act as inspiration for similar changes.

    "Recent questions about edible products and pesticides are localized expressions of national issues."

    The latest moves around cannabis packaging rules in Washington foreshadow the interactions that may soon be playing out in other states and territories that have legalized recreational cannabis.

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  • U.S. cannabis legalization has thus far been a decidedly local affair, with states allowing first medical then recreational use on a gradual, one-by-one basis. By comparison, Canada's choice to allow sales nationwide represented a sweeping change in the status quo.

    Since even transporting products across state lines is a difficult proposition, it's unlikely that direct commerce between your U.S. cannabis business and Canadian customers is in the cards any time soon. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention to events north of the border. Canadian legalization is an experiment on a massive scale, and there will be lessons for American entrepreneurs who pay attention.

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  • Ordering labels online should be easy, and when your company works with Lightning Labels, it is. To help our customers get the labels they need to keep their businesses running like clockwork, we've redesigned the account dashboard on the Lightning Labels website, giving clients a clear and easy way to place orders, track their orders and more.

    The dashboard redesign falls in line with Lightning Labels' overall philosophy of customer service as the central guiding principle of business. Ordering custom labels is simply one of the many tasks that fit into a business owner's busy day, which means it should be as quick and efficient as possible.

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  • What kind of look are you aiming for with your lip balm products? Thinking about the appearance of your custom lip balm labels - and going beyond logos and typefaces to focus on the smallest details - can help your brand stand out from the competition. While it's challenging to create an innovative look for an item as small as a tube of lip balm, it is possible with our clear BOPP label material. Working with an experienced labeling partner is a good way to create this kind of appeal.

    Consider Different Labeling Materials

    When working with custom product labels, white polymers are common material choices.

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  • Augmented reality wine labels make products live and breathe with motion and sound. When shoppers point a smart device at these packages, they can view more information or an entertaining piece of video content. Brands that use this kind of packaging can deliver memorable experiences, which is a great way to stand out in crowded and competitive marketplaces, including wine production.

    If you run a vineyard, you're likely searching for new tactics to convince shoppers to try your wines for the first time. After an initial exposure to the wine, customers may come back time and again to recapture the great flavor, but getting them to make an initial purchase is a challenge best addressed through packaging.

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