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    Whether you're required by law to share details such as an ingredient list or you simply want to give your customers more information about your products, there are numerous cases in which it's appropriate to make extensive additions to labels' contents, and a few potential ways to add space for the extra details. The most basic approaches involve simply making font sizes smaller or removing some branded imagery. Those are unsatisfying solutions, however, weakening the overall look of your products on store shelves.

    Fortunately, the other methods of adding extra facts to your labels are much more compatible with great visual design.

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  • QR codes on labels could represent the next step in product tracking, ingredient disclosure and more data-intensive elements of legal compliance. In the emerging cannabis product industry, such innovations could prove especially important. As this sector is essentially being assembled piecemeal in real time, there's ample room for cutting-edge tech methods to become mainstays.

    When studying the use of QR codes in the cannabis industry, it pays to look at the precedent set by Indiana. Though it hasn't legalized recreational cannabis or related items, the state does allow the sale of CBD products derived from hemp

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  • Utilizing Digital Technologies For Packaging and Labeling

    The use of QR, or quick response, codes in product labeling and packaging has gained significant traction over the years. There are many benefits to printing QR codes on labels. This scannable technology allows shoppers to use their smartphones and mobile devices to learn more about an item. The codes can also be leveraged as a promotional and/or marketing tool. For manufacturers and marketers, it offers a solution for minimizing the amount of information they print directly on the package while still providing consumers with the necessary information the brands either want or need to disclose.

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