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    When your product demands a cold environment in stores, your labeling requirements are different from the average business's needs. Unless you find durable labels, your branding won't last as long as it needs to. This is where Lightning Labels can step in, delivering great-looking packaging for your ice cream or other frozen treats this summer.

    July is a perfect time to purchase new product packaging labels for your ice cream products, because it's National Ice Cream Month. These weeks, set aside to celebrate frozen treats, can yield new limited-time flavors or simply bold and attractive imagery to remind customers to pick up your everyday offerings.

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  • Seize the Day During National Lawn and Garden Month

    There's no season quite like spring for the lawn and garden care industry. If this is your field, now is the time to act and capture customer attention. This is especially true during April - National Lawn and Garden Month. Whether you want to tie your items in with this gardener's holiday or just celebrate spring in general, custom labels are a great choice. Dressing up your products with colorful and vibrant reminders of the season can get customers excited to do some gardening - and help your items stand out in a world of competitors.

    Be Colorful, Helpful and Exciting

    There are two ways of looking at gardening: It's either a chore or a fun activity.

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  • Spring Colors and Beauty Tips Enhance Packaging

    As spring begins, everything starts to feel different. Spurred by warmer weather, people want to get outside, be active and - vitally for cosmetics producers - wear spring colors in both clothing and makeup. The change of seasons is a great time to change your cosmetic labels. Whether you're launching new products or just urging customers to take a different look at your existing line of cosmetics, there's room to spread such a message via your labeling.

    Offer Hints

    When you work with a label provider capable of producing bold, high-quality labels, you can include more text on your labels than you'd be able to fit otherwise.

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  • Custom Cosmetic Labels Capture the Trust of Your Audience

    When cosmetics are your main product, establishing a trust-based relationship with your customers is an important element of securing your future. After all, customers who abandon your brand after one purchase aren't likely to sustain the company for any significant length of time. You need strong bonds with shoppers, an audience of consumers who feel well-served by your products and will therefore continue using them for years. This is the recipe for reliable revenue, and it can all begin with met expectations.

    Go Beyond FDA Requirements

    While the FDA does regulate some of the elements of cosmetics labeling, there are terms and promises you can employ without the department's approval.

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  • Handcrafted Soaps Deserve Beautiful Packaging

    When your craft becomes your business, it's important to focus on the little details and ensure your enthusiasm comes across to customers. It's possible to enter the bath and body products sector with handmade soaps, but selling these items may prove challenging without excellent labeling. After all, as a craft producer, you likely don't have the budget for an ad campaign. The way your products appear on store shelves, on your website or at farmers markets will do a lot to determine whether customers are interested.

    Make Your Soap Distinctive

    Selling your soap products means striking a balance between handmade charm and professional production values.

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  • Make Those Labels Colorful!

    Spring is in full swing, and summer is right around the corner. Although health and beauty products are popular throughout the entire year, the warmer months will lead many consumers to purchase specific types a bit more frequently. This includes lip balm, sunscreen, moisturizers, vibrant lipsticks and many other products, and if you manufacture these items, you will want to spice up your labels as soon as possible to capture the eyes of summer shoppers.

    With custom health product labels and stickers for beauty items, the sky will be the limit when it comes to differentiating your brand from others.

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  • WeatherResistantSpring is Here, Summer is Nigh

    With the spring and summer come far more outdoor activities, and your products will need to stand up to the harsh conditions of the seasons. Regardless of whether you manufacture products that are very obviously used for outdoor activities, or others that often make their way out of the home, you can leverage weatherproof labels to contend against heat, humidity and rain through the end of summer.

    Weather-resistant labels will protect all the hard work that went into creating, manufacturing, packaging and marketing your products, but you do not have to strictly choose between function and fashion when making these.

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  • LawnAndGardenLeverage Durable Labels in April

    If you manufacture, distribute or sell products used to maintain lawns and gardens, you will have a good opportunity to align your brand name with a major event this month. National Lawn and Garden Month is in April, and acts as a time to bring together homeowners who love their properties and persistently invest in the health of these landscapes.

    Obviously, you will not want your products to have labels, stickers or other packaging materials that cannot stand up to the conditions of the outdoors, as this would likely hinder your brand's image in the eyes of customers.

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  • Temperature-Resistant Labels Necessary

    In the wake of one of the more legendary storms to ever strike the East Coast, manufacturers of popular winter products should be evaluating the resilience and durability of their packages and labels. Lip balm and chap stick tend to be far more commonly used around this time of year, and should distributors not properly protect the items against the elements, chances are customers will begin looking elsewhere for more reliable options.

    Lip balm labels need to be able to stand up to tough, harsh winter conditions, and not all stickers will be tested against the cold rain and snow.

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  • Custom Durable Labels – the Best Way to Combat Harsh Winter Conditions

    Custom Durable Labels Help Prepare Your Business for the Cold and Snow

    Winter weather can be extremely disruptive when it comes to product manufacturing, distribution, transport, sales and more, as many businesses have learned the hard way throughout the past several years. However, regardless of how much precipitation falls this winter, or how extreme the cold becomes, you can ensure that your product packaging remains resilient in the face of harsh elements through the use of customized durable labels made from tougher materials.

    For example, durable vinyl labels tend to be far better-suited to outdoor applications and tough conditions, both in terms of when the products are being distributed and when they eventually make it to their final destination at a customer's abode.

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