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    Custom Bumper Stickers to Boost Your Next School Fundraiser

    Bumper StickersCustom Stickers Can Bolster School Fundraising Efforts

    When trying to raise funds for school-related activities, there is nothing better than custom stickers. Bumper stickers have nearly universal appeal across all ages and target audiences. High schoolers and college students may purchase bumper stickers to put on their own vehicles, while parents are just as likely to purchase these fundraising pieces as a means of showing pride for the schools their kids attend. For schools themselves, fundraising is an effective strategy to garner the necessary resources to execute class projects, after school clubs and groups, on-site construction and other initiatives.

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  • Window Decals Promote Your Business on the Go

    Window DecalsWindow Stickers Give Businesses Another Avenue to Promote their Products and Services

    Window stickers are nothing new. Since people have had cars, many motorists have used window stickers to promote their values and send messages to others on the road. This can serve as some great promotion for businesses along the way, helping these firms gain some additional exposure by piggybacking off of the support of some of their most loyal fans, who love their brands enough to put window stickers on vehicles.

    And, truth be told, window stickers may wind up being tremendously powerful as promotional assets.

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  • Show School Spirit With a Window Sticker

    Window StickersWindow Stickers Let Students and Parents Show off School Spirit

    School is now in session, meaning students such as kindergartners and college seniors are hitting the books. With everyone just returning to school, that likely means school spirit is at its highest, and window stickers may be the perfect solution to help people celebrate. Window stickers can be affixed to car or dorm windows and allow people to show their school pride, whether they are supporting a sports team, an extracurricular club or simply the institution itself. These stickers can be sold at school stores or fundraising events, and can be a great way to get some extra funding for clubs and teams

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  • Support your Team this Year with Custom Labels and Stickers

    Custom Labels & StickersUse Window Stickers to Show Team Allegiance

    The fall is near, which means a new season of sports is approaching, and window stickers are the perfect way for fans to show their allegiance to their favorite teams. Autumn also means school is back in session, which translates into the start of the school sporting seasons, both at high school and collegiate levels. Additionally, the start of the football season is upon us, while basketball kicks off in another month. Of course, baseball fans have their eyes on the World Series as well. That means pride will run strong through sports fans quite soon.

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  • Show off Your School Spirit with a Customized Window Sticker

    Customized Window StickerWindow Stickers in the Wild

    Whether walking through a crowded parking lot or stuck in traffic, nearly everyone has seen a window sticker from a school before. Maybe the sticker was bragging about how the driver's child was an honor roll student at a specific school or perhaps it just featured the logo of a particular university. Either way, window stickers let students and parents show the world where they or their child studies. Bumper and window stickers have been around for ages, with some of the first uses stemming back to the World War II era. Over the years, many people have realized that attaching bumper stickers to the body of their cars may actually damage the paint job, particularly if some stickers are crudely designed and don't feature the appropriate adhesive.

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  • Printing Clear Stickers: Advantages of See-Through Stickers

    Printing Clear Stickers Inspires Consumer Confidence

    printing clear stickers with Lightning Labels for products and packaging Printing clear stickers lets consumers see exactly what they're getting.

    Brands can ensure shoppers know what they're getting by printing clear stickers. Custom clear stickers allow companies to display their branding information as unobtrusively as possible, giving the consumer a bigger view of the item they're buying. Sometimes the best-selling point for an item is the appearance of the product itself. If food items look great, there's no reason to cover them up. Cupcakes, cookies and candy are all enticing in appearance, so it's counterproductive to cover them up entirely, or to just provide a picture on the box when the real thing looks better.

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  • Illinois City Retires Car Sticker Requirement

    Evanston Set to Do Away with Car Sticker Requirement

    In a recent meeting, officials in Evanston, Ill., which is located roughly 15 miles north of Chicago, discussed plans to eliminate a city car sticker requirement. Currently, residents acquire new custom window stickers every year when they renew their vehicle registration and pay the "wheel tax," Evanston Now reported. This year's stickers featured the wording "Celebrating 150," as well as the city's founding year.

    However, since the city purchased license plate recognition solutions in 2012 for parking enforcement, officials can scan plates to determine whether vehicle owners reside in Evanston and if they've paid the annual tax, Rickey Voss, parking manager, stated

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  • Vermont DMV Seeks to Fix Car Window Stickers' Peeling Problem

    Faulty Adhesive Causes Car Window Stickers in Vermont to Peel

    Last month, the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles stated a batch of state-issued car window stickers that had been distributed to residents were created with faulty adhesive, according to, a local news provider. The announcement was made after the organization had received multiple complaints about the custom window stickers peeling off of windshields.

    "Absolutely there's an adhesive problem," Robert Ide, DMV commissioner, told the source. "It's a manufacturer's problem and we've been notified of it, and working with the manufacturer we have some new sleeves coming that can go over the sticker to reattach them to windshields.

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  • Feds Create Fuel Economy Car Sticker for Used Vehicles

    Car Sticker for Used Vehicles Provide MPG, Emission Information

    The U.S. Department of Energy and the Environment Protection Agency recently created a car sticker for used vehicles that includes information pertaining to pollution emissions and mileage per gallon similarly to the stickers placed on new vehicles. Car owners can create custom window stickers for their vehicles using the agencies' Fuel Economy website.

    "When we talked with people, they liked the redesigned mileage stickers for new cars from two years ago but they wanted that information for used-car sales, as those make up three times as many sales as new ones," Dennis Smith, national Clean Cities director for the Department of Energy, told Automotive News.

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  • 3 Ways to Make Promotional Custom Window Stickers Pop

    Spruce Up Summer and Fall Marketing with Custom Window Stickers

    custom window stickers for promotions Storefront windows are a great place to put static cling decals and custom window stickers.
    Boosting your outdoor marketing tactics with custom window stickers is one of the best ways to take advantage of warm weather this summer and into the fall. During the warmer months, people are out and about frequently, whether they're shopping, taking walks, heading out for an outdoor activity or going on long drives. With clear weather on your side, there's no reason not to reap the benefits of summer and fall with window stickers that catch consumers' eyes. Continue reading
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