Private Label Printing


Offering Private Labeling Wise Business Move for Many

One of the big changes in retail labels and stickers in the past decade is the growth in popularity of private labeling. Even if you run a small retail store, private labeling might be a wise move - you can print your own custom label for your products. The private labeling concept is becoming very popular with beauty salons, day spas, restaurants, even car dealerships. Private labeling allows you to keep your brand in front of your customers, and the custom labels makes you look like a larger and more professional organization.

We work with a number of contract manufacturers who manufacture products under their own name but also do private labeling for their clients. Digital label printing is perfectly suited to private labeling because you often have several customers who want to order the same product under their own name (private labeling), but they only want to print a few hundred custom labels. With Lightning Labels you can combine all the same sized custom labels into one label order to get an even better printing price. We have several customers, who started out just ordering custom labels and stickers for their own products, but have expanded into private labeling, and have seen a huge growth in their business.

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