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BioStone Labels | Our Most Eco-Friendly Label Material

That’s right, Biostone labels, our most eco-friendly label material, is a stone paper.

This fully compostable, biodegradable product label material will complement your sustainable packaging beautifully while matching your company’s commitment to preserving the environment.

BioStone is fully compostable, including its adhesive, and isn’t made from trees or petrochemicals. In fact, it’s made from stone! Labels made from BioStone are extremely durable and have excellent ink adhesion properties — all without lamination! What’s more, BioStone is water resistant and has a beautiful finish. It is perfect for creating labels for all types of products when a fully biodegradable, earth-friendly material is desired. BioStone rocks – literally!

BioStone Label Printing At A Glance

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Perfect for composting
  • Cannot be laminated
  • Made from stone, not trees
  • Water-resistant
  • Excellent ink adhesion properties

Stone Paper Label Choices: Easy to Be Eco Friendly with Our Free Sample Pack

To view BioStone, our stone paper label material, and all of our eco friendly labels for yourself, request a free sample online. You can compare our new label materials with all of the label material and finishing options we offer and test them on your own product containers.
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Biostone Labels from Lightning Labels

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