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    Why It Is Essential To Have Custom Labels For Your Essential Oils

    Essential oils and aromatherapy products are some of the most popular items in the health and wellness space today. With interest in these goods building, it's a great time to jump into the space or launch a new product. Of course, you should not make this decision in a hasty or unprepared fashion. When entering an in-demand space, you will find fierce competition from other businesses large and small. Your products need to stand out to convince first-time buyers to try your brand over one of the many others.

    This is where labeling enters the picture. The job your essential oil labels have to do is threefold: Your packaging must contain all necessary marks to comply with Food and Drug Administration rules while also convincing customers to try essential oils and distinguishing your items from other businesses' offerings.

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  • Why You Need Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels Now More Than Ever

    The past few months have changed perspectives around the world as people have struggled to stay healthy and well amid pandemic conditions. One of the ideas that has risen to new prominence is the importance of hand hygiene and cleanliness in fighting infectious disease. While people are being encouraged to wash frequently with soap and running water, there are plenty of times when no sink is nearby. In these cases, alcohol-based hand sanitizer liquids are the primary alternative.

    Some companies have been making hand sanitizer for years, and found themselves needing to scale up production in order to meet demand.

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  • New Business, New Perspectives Fulfill Tony Williams

    New business development specialist Tony Williams has discovered fulfillment in both his personal and professional life despite challenges and changes brought on by the pandemic. With Lightning Labels since February 2018, he has found similarities to previous experience in banking, where he worked with businesses of many sizes and needs in a variety of industries.

    “I feel incredibly privileged and thankful that Lightning Labels is considered an essential business and therefore the current crisis has not affected my life and livelihood. The biggest complaint I have is I can’t attend movies and concerts but in the grand scheme that isn’t much of a complaint considering the hardship this crisis has brought to so many people,”

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  • Waggies Bakes Caring into Every Tail-Wagging Treat

    Caring and compassion are the name of the game for Waggies by Maggie & Friends, a non-profit dog treat company that employs people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

    Mary Ann Nolan and Leigh Corrigan started the Wilmington, DE-based company in 2007. Their daughters , Elizabeth and Maggie had both turned 21 and faced bleak prospects for employment, so Mary Ann and Leigh decided to start a business to support them and other young adults with IDD. “We had no business background. We started by the seat of our pants,” says Mary Ann. “We are a unique business that brings employees and volunteers together for the daily operation of producing more than 3,000 hand-cut, healthy dog t

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  • How to Make Your CBD Labels Relevant and Eye-Catching

    Products incorporating cannabidiol (CBD) are hot right now. As a result, the market for these goods is heating up: A wave of new providers has entered the arena and recent federal legislation changes have made it easier for growers to produce the hemp plants CBD is derived from in a compliant manner. The question then becomes: How are you going to set your items apart and succeed in this space? Meeting demand with a product is not enough on its own. Your offerings have to distinguish themselves from competitors' versions.

    There are a few elements that go into high-quality CBD labels. These considerations start with the ever-evolving question of legally compliant design, and also include your choice of imagery and materials

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  • Why Your Cannabis Products Need Certified Organic Cannabis Labels

    From the beginning of legalization for adult-use recreational cannabis, there has been a focus on the presence or absence of pesticides and other potential contaminants in companies' products. This has mirrored the goals of the general organic movement as it applies to food, beverages and other items. The key difference is that since cannabis legalization has been carried out on a gradual, state-by-state basis without federal oversight, there is no way as yet to create a nationwide organic standard.

    With that said, recent months have seen industry groups rally around a few standards designed to bring organic or organic-equivalent approval to cannabis products.

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  • Inspire Civic Pride by Ordering Custom “I Voted” Stickers

    One of the hallmarks of a U.S. election - whether it's a presidential year or not - is the presence of "I voted" stickers handed out at polling places. If you're part of a local election board, you should make sure locations in your jurisdiction have ample stock when it's time to vote, in primaries and general elections alike. With a presidential contest fast approaching, there's no better time to reexamine your stickering strategy and make sure you're ready to send voters home glowing with civic pride.

    What's the History of 'I Voted' Stickers?

    Colorful stickers have not always been part of the election routine but today, when people often post pictures of their stickers to social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they're a fully ingrained and highly visible symbol of democracy in action.

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  • Jillian Anderson applies community experience to business development excellence

    New business development representative Jillian Anderson brings a background in community recreation planning and working with challenged youth to her daily activities at Lightning Labels.

    With the company since April 2017, Jillian previously contributed to development of the original Louisville, CO Parks and Recreation Master Plan. She also worked with Outward Bound at-risk youth, ran an adventure camp, and assisted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office supervising recreation in the detention center. She’s also held several sales jobs with commercial fitness companies.

    Jillian further counseled inner-city disadvantaged youth to help them get jobs and supported them to build and maintain healthy and productive lifestyles.

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  • Make Your Beverages Stand Out from the Crowd with Custom Water Bottle Labels

    If you bottle and sell water, you've likely faced a challenge when it comes to branding and presenting your products: How do you make your company stand out from competitors' offerings when you're selling something as simple and fundamental as water? The design of your packaging may prove critical in resolving this deadlock.

    Just because water is simple, that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Every element of your company's packaging strategy, from bottle shape to label material and artwork choice can combine to create a unique impression. If you put effort into custom water bottle label design, you can present your products as more than "just another brand of water.

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  • Catch Consumers’ Eyes by Working with a Strong Custom Label Printing Partner

    What kinds of brands need custom labels? When it comes to companies that make physical products or distribute promotional items, just about every business can benefit from having a reliable label printing partner on their side. There's a good chance your organization falls into this very broad category, so the question then becomes: What is the ideal use case for labels in your industry, and what should you look for in a third-party labeling partner?

    What Are the Uses of Custom Labels Across Industries?

    The simplest use for label printing is to create appealing custom product labels. Items of all kinds need descriptive labels to carry important information such as ingredient lists and usage directions alongside bold logos and compelling imagery.

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