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About Us

Lightning Labels Provides Advanced, Professional, and Customizable Label Printing Services

Lightning Labels uses the latest technology as part of our top-of-the-line and versatile label printing services. We believe in creating high-quality custom labels and stickers using only the best materials from Avery Dennison and guarantee 100% satisfaction with our custom label printing on HP Indigo presses. In addition to placing a high value on quality, we take pride in our speed, exceptional customer service and affordable prices.

Cutting-Edge Printing Technology is at the Heart of Our Custom Label Company

We think differently about printing labels than other companies. Lightning Labels was conceived as a custom label and sticker printing company that focuses on advanced technology. We’ve developed state-of-the-art printing processes that offer multiple levels of customization, efficiency and prices, putting us ahead in our industry.

Our processes allow us to:

  • Print multiple variations of your label design in a single batch
  • Fulfill orders as small as 50 units
  • Ship your labels within 2-3 days of receiving final press approval

Equipped with our superior HP Indigo printing technology, we create labels that feature the highest-quality colors, materials and laminates at prices that won't break the bank, regardless of your order size. And as our name implies, we do it all in lightning speed.

Lightning Labels: A High Tech Label Printing Company With Traditional Customer Service Values

While Lightning Labels creates labels using the most advanced printing technology, there's one thing we won't leave up to the machines: personalized customer service. Lightning Labels' customer service representatives are seasoned experts in the label-printing industry. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated service professional who will walk you through every step of the custom label printing process. Representatives offer individual service to ensure you get the labels that best suit your needs, regardless of how you plan to use your customized order.

Order from Lightning Labels, an Industry-Leading Custom Label Company

To partner with the best custom label company in the industry, contact Lightning Labels today. As part of our high-quality and speedy printing services, we offer:

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Instant online quotes
  • Free sample pack of label materials
  • No set-up fees, plate fees and no added fees for unlimited colors
  • Free printed press proof (shipping charges apply)
  • Savings on multiple versions of same label size and material