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QR Code Labels

QR Code Labels

Using QR Code Labels Helps People Interact with Your Items

Adding extra dimensions to your product packaging is easy with access to the right technology. Here's how custom QR code labeling opens up new options for your customers and employees.

Have you ever wanted to include extra information on your product labels, but it wouldn’t fit? This could be text about the history of your brand or extra facts about your items, such as recommended recipes and usage directions.

Or have you ever wished your product labels could update themselves in real-time, providing up-to-date details about everything from your supply chain to the certificates held by your company?

QR code labels, an advanced form of barcode label, can help you realize these goals and more.

QR Code Labels: What Are They?

So what are QR codes you might ask? Well, QR codes are like traditional barcode labels but more capable and flexible. Traditional 1D barcodes, like those used on Universal Product Code labels, can only hold a small amount of numerical information. This is fine for scanning items at a cash register, for instance, but the technology is not adaptable or expandable.

A QR code is a 2D barcode, and its pattern of squares within a square border can hold more data than 1D barcodes. Since QR codes support alphanumeric characters, not just numbers, they can also be used to store URLs.

This ability to take users to a website when they scan the QR code with a smartphone camera represents the true power of 2D barcode labels. The website on the other end of the link can include updated certifications, detailed usage directions, informative or fun videos, and much more.

You can choose QR code product labels when it's time to create an exciting new packaging design or to enable better tracking of your inventory or assets.

QR Code Labels for Product Packaging

Product packaging with QR codes gives you an expanded canvas to work with. By offering extra information via QR code, rather than printing it directly on the product label, you save inches that can be used for expanded imagery or simply as eye-pleasing negative space.

QR code labels on your product packaging allow you to include:

  • Entertaining multimedia for shoppers, including audio or video
  • Interactive features such as newsletter sign-ups or product registration
  • Instructions, recipes, fun facts, company history or any other written content
  • Important information for compliance, such as certification, tracking and extended ingredient lists

QR Code Labels for Internal Use

While reaching your customers through custom QR code labels is a compelling way to use the technology, you shouldn't miss out on the codes' benefits around your office, storefront, or warehouse. By creating QR code stickers, it's possible to make common processes smooth and easy.

You can get great value by printing QR code stickers that link to:

  • QR code stickers can provide extra information that retail or service customers might need, such as up-to-date menus and price lists
  • Inventory data for warehouse or distribution personnel to check
  • Certification information for regulators to scan.

Get Started with Custom QR Code Labels

When you work with Lightning Labels, we can use your data to generate a QR code or traditional barcode for a flat $5 fee per code created. Simply provide information on what data the code should convey for quality control purposes, and we can take it from there.

QR code labels and stickers should have all the hallmarks of normal custom labels — vibrant colors, sharp and legible text and a finishing treatment that feels good to the touch. Lightning Labels prints custom QR code labels on all the many materials we offer, to ensure your labels or stickers meet your exact specifications — request a free quote today.

Contact Lightning Labels today to learn more about our QR code label options and request a free price quote!

Lightning Labels has been servicing the needs of our customers for over 19 years. We are extremely proud of our BBB rating (A+) and guarantee your custom label buying experience with us will be a positive one.

Lightning Labels delivers unmatched benefits and value including:

  • Free ground shipping for online orders in US and Canada
  • Quick turnaround for digitally printed orders (after proof approval)
  • No set-up fees, no plate fees, and no added fees for unlimited color!
  • Receive a free printed press proof or PDF proof with every label order (shipping charges apply)
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Vibrant and crisp full color
  • Low minimums and no maximums

Make your products stand out with custom labels and printed stickers from Lightning Labels. Visit our free samples page and order free label material samples.

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