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High-Quality Custom Cannabis Labels

Create Ideal Cannabis Labels for your Medical or Adult-Use Recreational Products

With recreational cannabis gradually becoming available in more states, the overall legalized cannabis space is on a steady upward trajectory. Medical marijuana has now been a legal industry for more than a decade. Lightning Labels is a leading provider of cannabis labels, supporting businesses in this industry. High-quality product labels make a cannabis brand stand out and keep it in compliance with state laws and regulations. This is an evolved approach to packaging. Labels were largely just used to provide information about the product. Now, branding has also become important, though some states allow more branded imagery than others.

Agility and flexibility

Conditions and requirements can change quickly when it comes to cannabis labels. We offer flexible order sizes, with a minimum of 50, and ensure quick turnaround times.

Variety and visual flair

We offer a wide range of materials, finishing treatments, shapes, and sizes. You can ensure your Lightning Labels are exactly what you're looking for.

Added features

Add custom barcode or QR code labels to track cannabis origins in real time, fold-out extended content labels, or consecutive numbering to distinguish batches.

How can we electrify your project?

Get a free consultation with a label expert, right here in our production facility.

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