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Custom Labels

Your product deserves a high-quality custom label that reflects all that makes it unique. With the freedom to design your custom labels and incorporate all the details that matter most to your brand, you can create labels that help your products fly off the shelves.

The Lightning Difference

When it comes to partnering with a team to print your custom labels, you have countless options to choose from. However, the team at Lightning Labels stands out among the rest with exceptional dedication and attention to detail. The passionate team brings years of experience in the label design and printing industry, which means there’s an answer to every possible question within the highly qualified Lightning Labels team.

When you partner with Lightning Labels for your custom labeling needs, you reap the benefits of our satisfaction guarantee. Trust in the ongoing quality of all label orders, with the same great products and service every time you order. Learn more about our dedicated team.

Who We Serve

With a versatile suite of capabilities and customizations, Lightning Labels can print high-quality, beautiful labels to fit a wide range of business types.

Bath and Body Product Labels

With the perfect shapes, sizes, materials and finishes to choose from for your bath and body product labels, Lightning Labels makes it easy to create labels that are both beautiful and functional. High resolution printing technology and durable, water resistant label material options come together for long-lasting, eye-catching designs.

Cannabis Product Labels

The experienced Lightning Labels team knows how to navigate the tricky regulations involved in labeling cannabis and marijuana products correctly. Provide essential information while also standing out from competitors with thoughtfully-designed labels for your cannabis products.   

Custom Food Labels

No matter the details of your food product and its packaging, Lightning Labels can help you create attractive and unique custom labels. From mason jar lid labels to coffee bag labels, our technology combines the perfect shapes and durability with professional printing and vibrant colors.

Beverage Labels

Whether you make wine, beer, soft drinks or other beverages, Lightning Labels offers water-resistant, vibrant labels that are ideal for showing off your unique product. With advanced printing technology and lifelike colors, your product labels will help your beverages stand out from the competition.

Home and Garden Product Labels

Clearly display your ingredients and instructions with reliable, durable labels. Lightning Labels offers material options that can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals and more. Keep your consumers informed and put your best foot forward with attractive and educational labels!



Lightning Labels offers a vast array of label materials, so you can choose the best-suited material for your specific needs. From durability to sustainability to style, the benefits of these material options offer something for every brand.

  • BOPP: Durable, versatile, and long-lasting, BOPP is a top label material choice for most use cases. This label material resists breakdown from water, oil, scratches, extreme temperatures and more.
  • Estate #9: Looking for a small-batch, handmade feel? Estate #9 is less durable than BOPP, but it comes with a level of visual interest and texture that can’t be beat.
  • Recycled Materials: For a sustainable label solution that aligns with your earth-friendly brand, select Kraft or Vellum recycled labels.

Advanced Capabilities

Your product is unlike any other. Sometimes, this means you’ll need special technology in order to create the perfect label for your product.

  • Hot Stamp: Add a pop of color and texture with custom hot stamp labels! This foil embossing technique creates an unforgettable appearance for any product.
  • Embossed Labels: Your product isn’t two-dimensional, and your label shouldn’t be either. Add an elegant raised design with embossing.
  • QR Codes and Barcodes: Create an easy way for your customers to become lifelong fans by including a QR code on your labels.
  • Extended Content: Sometimes, the amount of content you need to fit on your label doesn’t match up to the size of your product. Use extended content labels to tell your story and communicate all important information with your consumers.

With quick turnaround times, dedicated team members, and superior quality, Lightning Labels can make your custom label creation experience seamless and exciting. Get an instant online quote today!

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