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Instant Quote

Instant Quote

Use our easy online quoter to get instant custom pricing

  • Most popular option for a quick estimate
  • Easy step-by-step process
  • Select your shape, size, material and quantity
  • Email your quote to yourself, or checkout instantly
LL Consultation

Request Consultation

Recommended for larger label quantities

  • Customize an enterprise plan tailored for your needs
  • Best option for larger label quantities
  • Expert guidance on materials, laminations and more
  • Additional services available that let you focus on your business

Custom Quote: FAQs

For custom product labels or custom stickers, should I get an instant quote or request a consultation?

An instant quote is our most popular option for a quick pricing estimate on your custom labels or custom stickers. Fill out a few basic specs in our easy online quoter and get a pricing table customized to your project. Whether you need 200 stickers or 10,000 product labels, this process allows you to choose your shape, size, and material for a custom quote. Reserve and send your quote via email, or check out instantly. All pricing includes the premium service you can expect from Lightning Labels: A personal account manager, priority turnaround, basic artwork setup, and free ground shipping. If you know what you need and you need it fast, get an instant quote.

Need a more tailored solution for your custom labels or custom stickers? A consultation will connect you with one of our dedicated in-house label experts, who will help craft a customized enterprise plan that makes the most sense for your business. Typically the best option for larger label quantities, our team can help you decide on materials, laminations, and more. Plus, we offer additional services that let you focus on your business, such as design services and partnership programs. If you’re considering brand development and planning for growth, get a consultation to see why over 90% of customers return to Lightning Labels as their custom labels partner.

What information do I need to provide to get an instant quote?

To make an instant quote as seamless as possible, it helps to be prepared with some basic information about your custom label or custom sticker needs.

  • The general shape of your label - such as square, rectangle, circle, oval, or if you need something special for a custom shape
  • Whether you have label machine requirements or if you’re applying by hand - If by machine, the roll direction and orientation are especially important to make sure the machine will apply your labels correctly
  • If you want hot stamp foil imprinting - a specialty embellishment. (This may narrow down your available options for label materials.)
  • The estimated width and height - If you’re not sure, we recommend starting with the widest span for the width.
  • Your choice of label material - Plastic, also known as BOPP, is the most popular and available in several varieties such as white, clear, gold, chrome and rainbow holographic. But we also offer paper, eco-friendly, weatherproof and removable label stock.
  • Your choice of laminate or finish - High Gloss, Matte, or UV Outdoor
  • The total quantity of labels you want, and the number of versions within that total

What will we discuss during my consultation?

A consultation starts with you and your needs. We start by getting to know your vision, your business goals, and your products. We understand that sometimes great quality at at a fair price isn’t enough. It’s about having someone you trust to handle the details and pull in resources, so that you can get back to work.

No two customer consultations are the same. You might be solving for an accelerated rollout and need something uncommonly agile, but also reliable. Or perhaps your business has grown, and you’re thinking about elevating your brand and product presentation. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll make sure you have a solution that you can trace from idea to delivery to future opportunity.

I’m an existing Lightning Labels customer. What’s the best way to place a new order?

Unless you are placing an identical re-order, we recommend signing in to your Lightning Labels account, then using the Instant Quoter before proceeding to checkout. Pricing may still be subject to increase or decrease from time to time, based on material costs and economic factors.

All Lightning Labels customers are welcome to book a consultation to explore new projects or major business initiatives. However, it may be faster and more convenient to contact your personal Lightning Labels account manager or sales representative directly.