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Are you ready for Movember? Get your custom labels now!

Are you ready for Movember? Get your custom labels now!

Are you ready for Movember? Get your custom labels now!

Movember's Custom Label Potential

Movember is a relatively new movement that gained steam in the past few years, and involves the growing of beards among men in the United States - and some abroad - to raise awareness for men's health. Although it might seems strange at first, the melding of masculine facial hair styles and designs in a competition of sorts, and the need for men to get tested for serious afflictions, diseases and viruses, has actually accomplished a lot since the movement began.

Companies can support these campaigns by leveraging Movember labels that at once align with their brand image and the Prostate Cancer Foundation's general awareness goals in November, and better position their stature in the market as a result. Because this has indeed become a major movement across the nation, business leaders will need to get creative in their designing and execution of Movember stickers to truly make a statement in their marketplaces.

Movember Decals Work Great

Decals are often a great approach to use when trying to boost awareness, as the individual who purchases the items will be able to post them on their bumpers, laptops and other assets for all to see. However, they must truly pop off the page to really make a difference, and custom decals can be a great way to ensure a more unique angle on the imagery and phrasing included on the branded labels.

In these situations, marketers, graphic designers and others within the business should be working together to research the general movement of Movember, and come up with a plan that will really align with their company's goals and values in the process. One idea might be to leverage Movember custom labels that actually include the bearded faces of men participating in the event, even having a contest in which the winner will have his face posted on a decal.

Should the company want to avoid competition of this kind, it can offer to make custom labels for each individual customer who chooses to both grow a beard for Movember and donate to the cause, specifically in terms of prostate cancer research. In that same vein, businesses might want to donate the proceeds of their labeling campaigns to a men's health-related research group or charity to really bring their brand image up in their market.

Getting it Done Right

Since Movember is right around the corner, the time to get moving on these initiatives is now. Although it might seem like it is too late to begin a custom label process, businesses can work with a proven, reliable provider like Lightning Labels to ensure the products are printed and distributed on time for this awareness-focused event. Additionally, Lightning Labels offers a range of different customizable labels, stickers, decals and more, meaning business leaders can find the right products to align with their specific objectives in November. This can be a great way to build brand recognition while contributing to a good cause.

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