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Best Type of Labels to Use on Glass Bottles

Best Type of Labels to Use on Glass Bottles

Labeling Adhesives and Materials for Glass Packages

When it comes to deciding which type of label material to use for your product's packaging, the expansive array of options available to you can be overwhelming. If you don't have much knowledge or experience in custom label printing, you may assume that all stickers are essentially the same. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

The adhesive properties of the label influence the bond it has with the surface of the package. To ensure it withstands temperature conditions and doesn't prematurely crack, peel or unstick, it is critical that you select one best suited for the material it is being applied to. Below are some of the most common glass products labels are printed for, as well as the best material to use for them.

  • Window decals: If you are printing stickers, one of the best choices is to go with BOPP labels, which are both clear and removable.
  • Beer bottle labels: Creating beer labels requires a certain type of adhesive, since the material needs to be water resistant and able to withstand a lot of condensation. You can choose between paper and vinyl labels, with the option to add a matte finish.
  • Wine bottle labels: Designing custom wine labels can be a fun experience due to the dynamic range of adhesives that can work for this product. An important factor to take into consideration, though, is whether it is going to be for white or red wine - or, rather, whether or not it will be exposed to water (white wine typically is, from ice buckets or the refrigerator). For example, Estate #9 and Cast Gloss Labels are made from paper stock and frequently used for wine bottles, but they are not water resistant. A better choice for wines you think will be exposed to ice or water, then, would be Satin Cloth Labels.
  • Cosmetic labels: BOPP adhesives are a prime selection for beauty and personal care products because they can withstand both water and oil. Plus, they are available in white, chrome or clear versions so you can tailor the packaging to suite the stylistic preferences of your brand.

Partner with a Printing Provider

Although the specific conditions, sizing needs and application uses of products vary from seller to seller, most glass packages will work well with BOPP labels. In addition, most adhesives and substrates can be laminated with a gloss finish for those who want to add an extra layer of protection to their labeling. Either way, to ensure you find the material that will work best with your particular products, it is highly recommended that you partner with a label printing provider that can help you throughout every step of the process.

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