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Use Custom Labels and Stickers to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Use Custom Labels and Stickers to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Use Custom Labels and Stickers to Support Breast Cancer Awareness MonthRaise Awareness of Breast Cancer with Custom Labels

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual initiative intended to raise awareness of not only the disease itself, but also methods of early breast cancer detection that could ultimately help save the lives of those affected. As you plan for a sponsored walk or run, prepare for a bake sale or get ready for another function in observance of this time of year, don't forget that custom labels are an inexpensive and effective way of getting the word out. In fact, you can use customized labels for everything from making sure people know pertinent details about an upcoming event to sharing facts and useful resources related to breast cancer.

Speaking of facts, according to a statistic from the American Cancer Society cited by Early Detection Plan, the five-year relative survival rate of breast cancer in the localized stage is 100 percent when the disease is detected early. Including a hard-hitting piece of information like that on stickers and labels could be just the thing to give people a push to get examined.

Think Pink with Custom Stickers

For many people, the breast cancer awareness and support movements are inextricably linked to a particular shade of pink, so it's important to be able to replicate that color on any custom stickers produced as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Failure to do so may discredit the associated materials, ultimately damaging outreach strategies and potentially scuppering attempts to supplement people's knowledge of the disease. With this in mind, it's critical to ensure custom labels and stickers feature the pink hue associated with the cause.

Get Durable, Eye-Catching, Vivid Customized Stickers Through Lightning Labels

At Lightning Labels, we understand that when members of our client base order customized stickers, everything needs to be exactly how they pictured it - or, even better, to exceed their expectations. Our wide color palette, high-quality printing technology and diverse range of label materials, laminates and finishes will ensure that customers eager to make a real impact this Breast Cancer Awareness Month have everything they need to do so. A cause as important as getting the word out about breast cancer detection shouldn't be compromised by low-quality stickers and labels, and Lightning Labels is committed to providing bright, robust, attention-grabbing labels that maximize efforts to raise awareness this October.

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