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December is National Fruitcake Month

December is National Fruitcake Month

December is National Fruitcake Month

Use Custom Labels to Spruce up Fruitcakes

Does anything say "the holiday season" quite like fruitcake? Although it might appear to be somewhat of a cliche, it is a cliche for a reason, as individuals have shared fruitcakes during the holidays for decades, making it a delicious tradition of sorts. As such, December is National Fruitcake Month.

If you manufacture or sell fruitcakes, as well as other items that are popular this time of year, consider leveraging custom holiday stickers to put a festive spin on your cakes, cookies, candies and more, as this will help your products pop off the shelves.

Food labels will also need to be designed with care, as they must include all of the required information related to ingredients, allergens and other matters regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, custom food labels will make it easier to balance informative content on your stickers and product packaging with the imagery consumers respond to best in December.

Customized Holiday Stickers Bring the Joy

You do not necessarily need to take a cut-and-dried approach to the designs on your holiday labels. Doing so would actually not serve your business well, as so many other manufacturers and sellers of fruitcakes and holiday foods will be doing the same thing. Rather, you should work to conceptualize designs that are simultaneously reflective of the holidays this month, but defy the ordinary just enough to stand out from the crowd on the shelves and in the eyes of customers.

One of the best ways to do this is to focus on the brand mission, voice and values. Your messaging is likely unique in some ways, and identifying the core differentiators of your business, then using them as the foundation for these custom food label designs, will help to drive your revenue higher. Additionally, working with marketing and quality assurance teams to make sure all of the required aspects of labeling are handled properly and accurately, while still putting a festive spin on the packaging, will protect your company from risks.

Regardless of which types of products you sell, this can be a great time of year to freshen up the brand initiatives, as the new year is right around the corner.

Maintaining Safety

Custom food service safety labels are recommended for companies that produce items with common allergens, as the worst outcome possible would be ruining a holiday party due to undisclosed ingredients. Thanks to the customization aspect of these labels, though, it does not need to be a dreary endeavor, nor one that evokes concern in the eyes of your customers.

To ensure the designs are properly, accurately and efficiently printed, consider leveraging the services of a reliable provider such as Lightning Labels. This firm can handle all holiday-related custom label printing needs in a hurry, and is a great partner to have throughout the year thanks to its expansive services and commitment to excellence.

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