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Make St. Patrick's Day Count with Custom Stickers

Make St. Patrick's Day Count with Custom Stickers

StPatricksDayNothing Better than Shamrock Stickers for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a beloved holiday in the United States, despite tracing its origins back to ye olde country of Ireland. It is a colorful time in which many cities will host massive parades, revelers will line the streets and fill the pubs, and adorn themselves with virtually anything green and sparkly. This presents firms with a unique opportunity to get the word out about their brands through the development and distribution of stickers for St. Patrick's Day.

For obvious reasons, shamrock stickers are likely to be the most successful in terms of individuals actually accepting the items and wearing them on their clothing or placing them on cars, backpacks and other possessions. St. Patrick's Day takes place on Thursday, March 17, giving you only a few weeks to get the designs ready and printed for release ahead of the big event.

Don't Be Too Brand-Focused

While it might seem counterintuitive to really focus on the holiday rather than your business when approaching branded materials, St. Patrick's Day is not necessarily the time to launch a raw marketing campaign. Even the companies that have the most demand during this holiday - such as Guinness and any manufacturer of corned beef and cabbage - tend to produce ads that are mostly focused on St. Patrick's Day with a relatively small plug of their brand somewhere in the content.

You should consider following in their footsteps this March, creating stickers, labels and other branded materials that are mostly composed of celebratory content and imagery, then placing the name of your company somewhat inconspicuously. This will ensure that the items actually get put to use in circulation. The goal of the project should simply be to align your business with the holiday, but St. Patrick's Day has to come first for this to be effective.

St. Patrick's Day Stickers in a Rush

Again, the holiday is rapidly approaching, and you will likely need at least a little time to map our the strategy with respect to design and distribution. Once prepared, though, consider leveraging Lightning Labels for all of your St. Patrick's Day sticker needs, as this firm has an industry-leading track record with respect to turnaround times on orders and accuracy of the printed materials.

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