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Pressure Label Market Set for Worldwide Growth

Pressure Label Market Set for Worldwide Growth

Widespread Need Recorded

Wherever products are being manufactured, in any of a multitude of industries, there will be demand for pressure labels. This means a period of growth is ahead for the worldwide pressure label printing industry, as described by recent MarketsandMarkets research.

Packaging strategies vary widely depending on what is being manufactured, but a few classic methods remain enduringly popular, and pressure labels are among them. These simple press-on stickers keep jars and bottles looking distinctive on store shelves. When paired with contemporary digital printing techniques, pressure-sensitive labels can carry just about any kind of vibrant brand imagery, from sharply rendered text to colorful and eye-catching pictures.

Big Growth Predicted

Just how big is the pressure label market today, and how much will it grow? MarketsandMarkets stated that the current global scale totaled $74.14 billion in 2015. By 2020, it should reach $92.46 billion. That means that the already huge market will experience a compound annual growth rate of 4.52 percent. The research organization stated that more demand among producers in the Asia-Pacific market as well as pharmaceutical makers and other industries will act as catalysts for this robust growth.

Raw material suppliers and finished goods packaging manufacturers alike are likely to need pressure labels throughout the survey period. As for the technologies that will be used to create these labels, MarketsandMarkets pointed to the continued use of digital printing. The source explained that this methodology will grow fastest among any production technique over the five year span studied. Other processes including screen printing, lithography and offset also earned mentions in the report, meaning that the printing market is more than one-dimensional.

Potential Label Users

A few particular types of products have proven well suited to pressure-sensitive labels use in the past. These may prove to be the markets that drive use of this packaging method in the near future, as well. Here are just a few of the verticals that have taken to pressure labels:

  • Food: Cans, jars, bottles - all types of food packages will look better with the quick application of pressure-sensitive labels. No matter the item in question, labels will help it stand out. It could be time to get a new, unified look for a whole line of edible offerings.
  • Wine: Wine bottles are often meant to last for a long time, so they need strong wine bottle labels. High-quality pressure labels applied to wine can ensure the vineyard's branding stays bold and vibrant for years, attracting customers as the alcohol ages to perfection.
  • Nutraceuticals: Clearly stating the health benefits of these products is quick and easy with the aid of a high-quality pressure label. Necessary ingredient information can also be listed clearly and legibly via digital printing methods.

Private labeling is also possible. Maybe there's no product line, just an individual or company looking to apply a customized set of labels to a few objects. With Lightning Labels, quick turnaround times are the norm and small batch sizes are available. From corporations turning out new items at a fast rate to SMBs with limited quantities of brand new offerings, there is a pressure label solution to suit any budget.

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