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Top 5 Materials for Jar Labels | Jar Label Materials | Lightning Labels

Top 5 Materials for Jar Labels

If your brand sells products in jars, the labels you apply to those containers are a major element of your retail branding. When consumers approach your items on store shelves, the information and imagery you use on your custom jar labels may determine whether your offerings stand out next to competitors' versions. If it's been a long time since you refreshed your jar labels - or if you're introducing a new item to your line - now is a great time to take a close look at your strategy and see if you could be doing better.

Picking the ideal packaging approach for your company is more than a matter of selecting text and imagery. You should focus on every element of design, down to the jar label materials chosen. For each type of company and product, there is a great material match that will enhance your items' look and feel. The following are five of the top choices:

White or Clear BOPP

When your brand's imagery needs a plain background to pop out from, these polypropylene materials are a great option. The white BOPP material is the industry standard, providing water and oil resistance and acting as a blank canvas for text and pictures. The clear version of the material enables consumers to see more of your products through the jars, making it an especially good choice if your items are an interesting color.

Chrome or Gold BOPP

When you want your products to shine on store shelves, you can pick one of these glinting, reflective polypropylene materials. You can show that your items have class when you go with shiny jar labels. Chrome and gold are eye-catching base colors for items of all descriptions, and they can give a fancy, high-class appearance to your offerings.

Estate #9 Paper

Labels for jars don't have to be sleek or matte-textured. Instead, the packaging can take on a weathered, earthy feel. Estate #9 paper labels give your customers this pleasing tactile experience and are especially suitable if your want to present your items as artisanal or rustic. Gourmet foods will look right at home wrapped in this cream-colored, nonlaminated paper stock.


If your brand's reputation is built on earth-friendliness and responsibility, using Biostone labels is an excellent way to show your commitment to the company's values. The Biostone material is made from stone instead of paper or petrochemicals, meaning that you can sidestep the environmental downsides of other packaging options. The labels have a paper texture and are not laminated, as with the Estate #9 material.

Recycled Materials (Kraft or Vellum)

Using recycled materials is another way to make jar or bottle labels fit in with a green brand image. Lightning Labels offers multiple recycled paper options, with Kraft and Vellum both consisting of 100% post-consumer materials. Consumers who make their buying decisions based on environmental preservation may be happy to see your company is committing to recycling through its choice of packaging.

When you're ready to refresh your jar labels, you can turn to Lightning Labels as your partner of choice. In addition to offering all these materials, Lightning Labels delivers fast turnaround times by printing 100% digitally.

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