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Use Bumper Stickers to Promote Your Brand

Use Bumper Stickers to Promote Your Brand

BumperStickerPromotionBumper Stickers Make a Bang

Bumper stickers are among the most beloved pieces of art that consumers place on their cars, and evidence to support this idea can be found on every highway, interstate and back road throughout the country. Whether it is to show allegiance to a brand or a political candidate, these items have long been used by car owners as a method to show what they are all about when cruising along the streets to work or on vacation.

If you're a business owner who wants to get the word out about your brand locally, consider using custom bumper stickers in your brand advertising strategies. Unlike other types of marketing campaigns, though, you will need a winning design to ensure your bumper stickers are actually placed on cars.

Promotional Ideas for Bumpers

You will rarely see a bumper sticker that is at once a piece of branded material and completely dull. Sure, certain car owners will have plain bumper stickers to support a certain candidate, or even show which state they are from or college they attended, but those are exceptions. Because bumper stickers will work best to fuel local growth, and business leaders might not have all that much brand recognition, the materials need to catch the eye and tell a story.

This is why custom design should always be considered for these types of advertising campaigns. The imagery and color pattern, as well as the content should there be any words, need to reflect the brand in a way that people can understand in a relatively short period of time. With bumper stickers, that challenge is certainly present, but marketing teams can dream up some ideas and get them printed following adequate internal and market research.

Above all else, the stickers have to be aesthetically pleasing enough to not just attract the eyes of consumers, but to make car owners actually want to display the item on their vehicles. If you do not find a way to cleverly package your brand and design a winning bumper sticker, it might never get out into the open, preventing your business from achieving its branding objectives.

Custom Bumper Stickers

Whether you have an in-house marketing team or outsourced advertising partner, consider pushing this team to come up with designs that will get your bumper stickers out of the boxes and onto the cars of your local prospect market. If you are a larger enterprise with locations across the nation, consider scaling the bumper sticker project up a little bit. When the bumper stickers are indeed eye-catching and potentially amusing, your firm will get a good deal of visibility on the streets.

If you want to ensure that you are getting the best designs and quickest turnarounds on orders for your custom bumper stickers, consider leveraging the services of Lightning Labels. This firm leads the way in custom branded materials including labels and stickers and can assist with your product packaging and marketing needs.

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