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Use Custom Stickers to Create Awareness for Your Fundraising and Charity Events

Use Custom Stickers to Create Awareness for Your Fundraising and Charity Events

Use Custom Stickers to Create Awareness for Your Fundraising and Charity Events

Boosting Awareness with Custom Stickers

Philanthropic companies tend to be a bit more successful in the brand management category than those that never embrace certain causes and charities, especially among the younger generation of consumers. As such, many firms have started to become more engaged in fundraising, charities and awareness events in the past few years than ever before, and some marketing techniques can help to boost the visibility of these initiatives more creatively.

For example, leaders can begin to leverage custom stickers that are meant to not only help to position the brand alongside the charities and fundraising activities taking place, but raise awareness of those causes as well in one fell swoop. With the right approach to design, execution and distribution, these stickers can go a long way toward improving the overall image of the company and contribute more to the philanthropic activities taking place.

Get on Board with Fundraising Stickers

When participating in a fundraiser, your company might be doing a number of things to contribute the cause, including opening up your workplace to host participants, offering free products that you sell to donors, or simply putting cash into the pot. In any situation, fundraising stickers can be used to ensure that your name is remembered among participants, and that the cause makes it out of the physical event space following its completion.

This might in fact be the best function of these custom stickers, in that creative ones will be posted on participants' walls, cars and otherwise, enhancing the pool of prospective followers and contributors for the next iteration of the event. If you are distributing some of your products to be used in the fundraising event, you might want to consider leveraging custom fundraising labels instead, as these will be better suited to packaged items.

Either way, though, you will need to ensure that the design fits the motif of the fundraiser itself and your brand image, which can be accomplished by using the right custom label provider.

Charity Labels

With the holidays right around the corner, many companies will be embarking on plans to support charities that are either focused in their community, on the national circuit or active internationally. Beginning to distribute charity labels now can help to boost awareness ahead of the time when many Americans will be deciding upon which organizations to contribute to, which will likely begin in the beginning of November. Additionally, labels will last through the next few months to keep the name on the minds of recipients.

As was the case with fundraising activities, businesses might want to consider designing and printing custom charity labels to ensure that they are touching upon the various requirements involved in these endeavors. Working with Lightning Labels, you will be able to establish your labels, stickers, decals and more optimally, then receive the shipments quickly to begin distributing on time for maximum exposure.

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