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Cleaning Labels - Gloss Finish

Make your own custom cleaning labels with Lightning Labels. Our state-of-the-art label-printing process combined with an extensive selection of quality label materials and laminates allow you to make custom labels for cleaning supplies that will wash away the competition.

SKU: LL-018
Size: 2" x 4"
Material: White BOPP
Quantity: 20,000
Price: $0.08 each ($1,477.42)
Condition: New


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When it comes time to clean, customers want a product that is safe, but effective. Cleaning supplies labels from Lightning Labels come in many affordable materials that are durable and reliable. As shoppers seek out professional-looking solutions, custom cleaning labels made from the best materials can help you effectively communicate and market the value of your detergents, sprays and powders, or any other information you choose to include in your cleaning label design. Lighting Labels offers cleaning supplies labels in a number of sizes and shapes to ensure you find the perfect labeling solution for every item in your product line. Whether you want small custom cleaning labels for sample size containers or large cleaning supplies labels for jumbo containers, Lightning Labels has the options you need.

Lightning Labels has an extensive selection of materials for your custom cleaning labels. Labels for cleaning products with attached scrubbers or sponges can take a serious beating. As customers grab and squeeze products - especially those that are hand tools - inferior labels fall off. Our squeezable custom cleaning labels are made from a 3-mm film that withstands tough use and keeps your brand looking tough. For products that may be exposed to harsher environments, our white flexible vinyl cleaning supplies labels won't smudge or rub off, so your customers will be able to read instructions and other product information on your custom cleaning labels before each use. Other great options include our BOPP labels, which are available in chrome, white and clear.

Lightning Labels combines state-of-the-art printing technology with a variety of label materials for every purpose to create the perfect custom cleaning label. Our innovative printing process allows us the flexibility to print multiple designs on the same label material at no extra cost. It also means no set-up fees, no plate fees, no added fees for unlimited color, minimum quantities as low as 50 units, and a lightning fast 48-72 hour turnaround time after press approval. To top it off, we offer free ground shipping for online orders in the US and Canada. Each customer also gets personalized customer service with a dedicated, human representative assigned to each account. If you're not satisfied, then we haven't done our job –and that's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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