Eco Friendly Stickers

We offer a group of eco-friendly sticker materials. Many have been asking us to find alternatives that would support your desire to be earth friendly as well as present your product that way. While there are many definitions of “eco friendly,” we have 3 options for you.

Eco Friendly Custom Stickers In Your Choice Material

The options for our eco friendly custom stickers include BioStone, Kraft and Vellum. Each has an environmentally friendly profile:

  • BioStone – Biostone is made of stone (no trees are used). BioStone is a inherently strong and durable material that is water resistant.
  • Kraft – Is recycled from 100% post consumer waste. Eco friendly packaging and labeling takes on a natural look and promotes your commitment to being kind to the earth with the use of this recycled material. One great way to make Kraft printing pop is to add white ink under your print. The highlight creates a great focus on your label but keeps the natural look everywhere else.
  • Vellum paper – Also a 100% recycled post consumer waste material. If the natural look is not what you want, but you want to present eco-friendly labels, vellum is a good paper option.

If you would like to see examples of these materials for your application, please request samples of eco friendly stickers free of charge.