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    Throughout the early stages of the cannabidiol (CBD) market, there have been numerous challenges facing any company selling these low-THC hemp-derived products. Namely, the Food and Drug Administration's labeling laws have not caught up with the ways in which businesses are creating and selling CBD items, leaving these producers to deal with massive uncertainty about how to package and mark their goods.

    The Farm Bill, which helped farmers cultivate the plants required to make CBD products, cleared away some of the legal red tape, but not all. The next step for greater clarity in the CBD space could come from a bipartisan bill that would allow companies to create CBD product labels that clearly mark their items as dietary supplements.

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  • Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular among consumers who want natural, homeopathic remedies to boost their well-being. If your brand is hoping to stand out in this space, it pays to deliver items in unique and compelling packaging.

    Custom labels are the canvas on which your brand can stake out its value proposition and create a strong impression for potential customers. People making decisions in a store about which essential oil is right for their purposes may rely heavily on labels and branding to inform that choice, so your packaging game must be strong.

    Essential Oil Labeling Musts

    Simply stating that a product is an essential oil is not enough to truly describe the substance

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  • Shanna specializes in prepress, painting and pups. Lightning Labels’ Prepress Lead fills her personal time painting, communing with her dog and exploring. Needless to say, her plate is full most of the time.

    At the beginning of her career in graphic design and prepress around the turn of the century, Shanna’s preoccupation was with plates—the kind that goes on a press. She holds a graphic design degree and started working at an Oklahoma flexographic printing company in 2002. She joined Lightning Labels in 2018 as a Prepress Technician, following a move two years earlier with her husband to Denver from Tu

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  • There’s growth. And then there’s warp-speed acceleration. Denver-based NuLeaf Naturals, a pioneering hemp company specializing in pure CBD oil manufacture and sale, definitely falls into the latter category. Founded in 2014 by a group of health-conscious plant medicine aficionados, NuLeaf is the Inc. 5000 11th fastest-growing private American company, top Colorado company, and third largest consumer product company seeing 11,949% growth in three years.

    A commitment to customer service, teamwork, education and developing top-quality full-spectrum CBD oil are the company’s pillars of succes

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  • There are many ways to make beauty products stand out on store shelves. If you operate in this competitive space, your brand should be aware of these options, to ensure maximum attention from customers. By creating attractive custom labels with the potential to win over first-time buyers, you can grow your customer base and keep people coming back year after year.

    The following are a few of the most eye-catching features you can add to your custom beauty product labels:

    • Eye-catching imagery: Does your brand offer cosmetics in bold colors? Your packaging choices should reflect the exciting shades contained within.
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  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is the regulatory agency with oversight of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp-derived products. The FDA has only approved one medical product containing purified CBD, an epilepsy drug called Epidiolex. Other companies have illegally promoted medicines including CBD, triggering warning letters from the FDA.

    But what about CBD products not being sold with medical claims? These are also overseen by the FDA, but more specific federal rules on their sale are still forthcoming.

    Compliant CBD Labeling is Extremely Important for CBD Sellers

    As of the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabis plants with 0.

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  • Biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) labels are some of the sturdiest and most versatile options around. When you select this material for your products' packaging, you can choose the exact look and feel that suits your brand's visual identity, creating items that customers will not hesitate to pick up on store shelves.

    The following are five things to keep in mind when working with custom BOPP labels.

    1. Choose whether to apply labels by machine or hand

    If you're counting on fast production of a large amount of items, machine label application is the best way to keep the assembly line moving.

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  • While there's never a bad time to check on your brand's compliance with Food and Drug Administration labeling standards, the new year can serve as an especially strong reminder to verify that everything is up to date.

    Whether you're concentrating on the latest FDA rules or taking a long view of every possible regulatory issue, you can feel a sense of confidence facing the months ahead. Fines and potential recalls could put a damper on your company's 2020 success, so a great year starts with compliance.

    Nutrition Facts: The New Style

    The most significant recent change to labels for food is the debut of the revised nutrition facts panel.

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  • Identifying a specific item as part of a production run can have a few important benefits, whether businesses are mostly numbering the goods for their own internal use or for customers to see. Consecutive numbered labels are the simplest way to achieve this goal, with each package getting its own unique number.

    When companies work with a labeling provider that uses all-digital printing methods and can therefore make every label in a print run different, they can even implement unique numbers into fully-designed custom product labels rather than sticking them on separately. However businesses plan on implementing consecutive numbering, they can boost the appeal of their products with the simple addition of these identifiers.

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  • Merle Vigil is a natural leader. He is the lead for a team of five new business development sales representatives, who follow-up and consult with new Lightning Labels prospects on a daily basis. It’s a consultative sales approach, and the team partners with a highly diverse customer base to build long-lasting relationships.

    Before joining Lightning Labels in 2016, Merle managed several restaurants for about 11 years, and transitioned into sales in the years after.  He subsequently sold and managed remodel and exterior home projects, for a few years before joining Lightning Labels.

    When asked about the favorite part of his job, Merle replied: “This is simple, I love working with peopl

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