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    As the world turns to new realities and ways to meet challenges amid the Covid-19 crisis, New Business Development Specialist Gus Owens is doubling down on his priorities at work and home. With Lightning Labels since 2016, Gus uses skills and experience amassed over 24 years in sales to provide top-notch service across the board.

    Prior to joining Lightning Labels, Gus worked in a variety of industries, including insurance, printed circuit boards and wireless phones. “Being able to do something new and exciting led me here,” he says. Among the areas he sees as most progressive are “keying in on the customer experience to retain business and improved processes, technology and capabilities to make sure that experience is not only positive but can be repeated for su

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  • Health supplements and muscle-building powders are in high demand among fitness-conscious consumers. When your company is redesigning the packaging for a protein powder product or introducing a new item to the market, you need to think about the ideal custom labels to catch customers' eyes. The finalized design must combine a compelling visual look with comprehensive ingredient listings, matching shelf appeal with regulatory compliance.

    The best way to meet the many requirements facing your protein powder bottle labels may involve staking out some extra space through extended content labels.

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  • The past few years have seen constant evolution of rules and regulations regarding the way recreational cannabis sellers promote their products and retail operations.

    Because the adult-use industry is overseen on a state-by-state basis, each region with legalized cannabis products has its own set of policies regarding packaging. Retailers in California alone have already witnessed several distinct changes to their custom cannabis labels. Soon, they may need a new form of identification for these businesses. The state's newest proposed regulation is similar in spirit to requiring cannabis labels with QR codes, but this time the codes won't be on the packages - they'll be displayed by stores and employees.

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  • One of the most iconic parts of voting in a U.S. election is handing out "I voted" stickers, little badges that help people show off their engagement in the democratic process. If you're in charge of ordering these stickers for your community's polling station this year, it's time to think about logistics. How do you want the stickers to look, and what can you do to make sure they arrive on time, in the right quantities, and looking great?

    Custom 'I Voted' Stickers: Best Practices

    Ordering custom stickers for your polling place means obtaining the right number for your constituents: Buy too many and there will be cost overruns and stock surpluses.

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  • With so much confusion, misinformation and questionable quality issues in the CBD industry, Discover CBD set out in 2015 to help consumers discover valuable, accurate and needed information about CBD’s potential benefits, potential side effects and what to examine in the search for the best CBD product(s).

    Dedicated to top quality, the company manufactures CBD oil capsules, tinctures, topicals, pure oil and pet products. For those not wanting, or sensitive to, THC ingredients, the company offers THC-free options.

    Discover CBD Chief Operating Officer Melinda Bloch points out, “We do test results for each batc

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  • People are interested in adding natural supplements and essential elements to their health and wellness regimens, with consumers as a whole becoming more aware of their dietary requirements. How to do they know which products are right for them?

    That's the job of the custom vitamin bottle labels your company prints, which puts a lot of pressure on these simple pieces of packaging. Fortunately, when you work with the right partner organization to get your custom labels, you can put together a strategy that's both compliant and compelling.

    Why Focus on Your Custom Vitamin Label Bottles?

    If your nutraceutical company uses low-quality labels on its bottles, it may undermine confidence in the product

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  • The beauty product market is always evolving. Each year brings new trends and areas of interest, and the ability to keep up with tastes is what determines whether a brand can stay hot. If you plan to compete in this space in 2020 and beyond, you should keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. This deeper level of investment should expand to every area of your business, including your use of custom labels.

    Here are five exciting labeling trends to stay aware of:

    1.The Rise of Private-Label Brands

    Retail outlets are staking out an ever-greater place in the cosmetics market. CB Insights pointed out that retailers such as Sephora are taking more control of their selection, pricing and more by marketing their own brands of makeup.

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  • Labels don't all have to be one generic, standardized shape and size. In fact, there are several compelling reasons to shake up your items' branding with custom die-cut labels that suit the packages they are attached to.

    No matter the type of goods your brand manufactures or sells, the key to winning over new clientele may come down to how you differentiate your offerings from the rest of the market. High-quality customized labels may be one such advantage.

    Show off Your Products with Clear Packaging

    One of the most straightforward uses of die-cutting involves cutting your items' labels into rectangles or ovals that cover only a small portion of a larger bottle or jar.

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  • New Mexico may be about to join the list of states with a recreational cannabis market. Due to the fact that legalization policies differ by state, both in their text and how quickly they progress from bill to law, it's impossible to put an exact date on New Mexico's regulatory changes at the moment.

    However, if you are interested in taking a place in the state's cannabis market, now is a good time to prepare. Settling issues such as creating procurement strategies for custom cannabis labels in advance makes you able to move more quickly when the time comes.

    What is the Status of Legalization in New Mexico?

    The governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has publicly placed recreational cannabis legalization on her state's agenda for 2020.

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  • Throughout the early stages of the cannabidiol (CBD) market, there have been numerous challenges facing any company selling these low-THC hemp-derived products. Namely, the Food and Drug Administration's labeling laws have not caught up with the ways in which businesses are creating and selling CBD items, leaving these producers to deal with massive uncertainty about how to package and mark their goods.

    The Farm Bill, which helped farmers cultivate the plants required to make CBD products, cleared away some of the legal red tape, but not all. The next step for greater clarity in the CBD space could come from a bipartisan bill that would allow companies to create CBD product labels that clearly mark their items as dietary supplements.

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