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    The responsibility of being a small-business owner places intense demands on your time and attention. Optimal use of resources may represent the difference between success and failure for your company. The following are a few general rules that will help you improve your time management capabilities.

    1. Prioritize and Limit Your Activity: Forbes Young Entrepreneurs Council contributor Kalin Kassabov suggested that the best way to get some time back into your day may be to acknowledge which activities can be skipped. Small-business owners can't be everywhere at once, and some tasks just aren't worth the time they consumer.

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  • What exactly is an added sugar, and when do foods qualify for this label? The Food and Drug Administration recently grappled with this question as it relates to honey and maple syrup production, first deciding to require "added sugar" label disclosure and then reversing course.

    This latest decision will likely affect your ongoing packaging strategy if you manufacture either of those types of food.

    Requirement Receives Industry Pushback

    According to the Associated Press, the honey and maple syrup industries voiced strong disapproval when the FDA announced it would require "added sugar" disclosure on honey and maple syrup labels.

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  • With legalization efforts pushing ahead in multiple states, the medical and recreational cannabis industries have never experienced greater potential for growth. Getting involved in these fields is exciting, with even greater progress and acceptance on the horizon. The NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Expo, held July 25-27 in San Jose, CA, is a place to meet with leading figures in the industry and envision the future of cannabis in the U.S.

    Get Involved with the Industry

    The 2018 Cannabis Business Summit is occurring at the right time and place to capture the industry's excitement. California's recent legalization of recreational cannabis sales is a big step for a state that has long been at the forefront of medical growing and usage

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  • California's Proposition 65 has been one of the major determinants of warning label content over the past few years. Now companies have until August 30, 2018, to respond to the latest changes to the rule.

    To comply with the law and experience minimal disruption, you should join forces with a responsive and quick-acting packaging partner such as Lightning Labels for your Prop 65 Warning Label needs.

    What's Changing?

    The latest update to Prop 65 consists of "safe harbor" provisions, specifying what companies have to do to stay compliant. According to law firm Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLC, the Prop 65 warning labels that go on individual products can be "short form" and not list the exact chemicals causing the announcement

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  • The issue of sales tax being applied to online sales went all the way to the Supreme Court. Now that the decision has come down supporting states that want to impose an internet sales tax, it's natural to wonder how potential new rules will affect your small company.

    Small Business Sales Tax Impact

    According to The Verge, large e-retailers such as Amazon won't likely feel the greatest impact form the Supreme Court ruling, which overturns a 1992 precedent. Many large businesses already collect sales taxes, perhaps anticipating the changing legal landscape. SMBs, however, could have to change their practices.

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  • Business technology hype and excitement tend to center on the latest trends. This appreciation for the newest and flashiest tools means older assets, such as optimized websites, may be relatively undervalued. No matter how influential social media becomes, however, you can't afford to ignore website optimization as a customer-attraction technique.

    How to Optimize Your Website

    Does your small company have its own site? If so, how much effort went into its creation? If your site is a mere placeholder, it may not be living up to its potential. Entrepreneur contributor Luis Congdon indicated the importance of having a business site optimized to collect information from potential customers and turn those leads into buyers.

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  • Business branding is an essential part of becoming known, growing your operations and raining your profile within your chosen field. Learning the do's and don'ts for branding your business can set you up for success.

    Business Branding - Watch Out for These Missteps

    1. Taking Half Measures: When you come up with a great new look for your brand, be sure to use it wherever and whenever possible. Business 2 Community contributor Meaghan Nelson explained a brand refresh loses value when the new look is not universally applied.
    2. Imitating Others: While you may see a competitors' branding and think it's worth emulating, this approach has limitations.
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  • Your business needs labels, that much is a given. But where will they come from? Professional label printing is one major option, DIY label printing the other. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks, and your choice could impact your company's budget, branding and more.

    Why Opt for Professional Label Printing?

    When your company chooses DIY label printing for its branding needs, you need to make an upfront investment in printing hardware. Working with a third-party printer is a way around these large one-time outlays. Costs are especially low when you work with all-digital services, as these vendors don't charge plate engraving fees and offer flexible order sizes.

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  • Ordering labels is one of the processes that must go smoothly to get products on shelves in a timely manner. If your small company is struggling with packaging, the repercussions on general efficiency could be severe. When you work with Lightning Labels, however, ordering labels online becomes easy and convenient, allowing you to focus your attention elsewhere.

    Ordering Labels Online - See the Advantages

    Getting custom labels online from Lightning Labels grants financial and operational advantages. Managing online accounts is easier than ever, meaning you can re-order from any PC or mobile device.

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  • When it's time to create custom food labels, it's natural to spend time and effort on imagery, typography and other design elements. Those aren't the only considerations that go into creating a great-looking package, however. You also need to select a material and a finish, and while some foods and beverages are best served by glossy finishes, others look best with matte labels.

    Matte Labels for Foods

    When making labels out of common polypropylene polymers, you have to decide whether to go for a glossy look, the default and least expensive option, or opt for matte. Matte's "natural" character may make it better for your brand.

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