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Tail-wagging Tips to Enhance Custom Product Labels for Pet Goods

Tail-wagging Tips to Enhance Custom Product Labels for Pet Goods

How Custom Product Labels Can Help Pet Goods Stand Out

[caption id="attachment_7759" align="alignleft" width="200"]custom product labels for pet goods from Lightning Labels Custom product labels flaunt the qualities of your pet goods.[/caption]

In a competitive market, custom pet product labels for your pet goods can play a vital role in the health of your marketing strategy. It's no secret that the pet product market is a competitive one, and your brand can stand out from others with the right packaging.

Even in uncertain economic conditions, consumers are devoted to their furry friends and want to ensure they're buying the best products for them. As the economy picks up steam, people are likely to be even more willing to spend on their pets, suggesting they're looking for the best items out there. And when they're shopping, there's one place consumers are sure to look first when inspecting a product: the label.

While price may influence buying habits, many pet product consumers have a specific set of requirements products must meet to be considered for purchase. Custom product labels inform shoppers of how your brand doesn't just meet their expectations but exceeds them as well.

Product Label Printing Creates Packaging that Speaks to Consumers

By partnering with Lightning Labels, you can incorporate tons of valuable information onto your labels. However, you have to know what consumers are looking for. Based on findings from marketing agency IMC, here are 3 ways to capture the attention and business of pet owners:

1. Use Labels to Demonstrate Nutrition: Fewer shoppers are settling for any old can of mushy pet food. More people want items with high-nutrient ingredients and vegetables in particular. It seems the growing trend of shoppers reading nutrition labels has affected their pet product purchases. In addition to providing an ingredient list on your products' custom labels, you can also incorporate images to portray their quality. Lightning Labels uses digital printing to place high-resolution images on your labels and stickers to guarantee they're attractive and unique.

2. Boast Health Benefits: People's concern for their pets' well-being extends beyond the day-to-day life of their cat, dog or other animals. With more consumers interested in health insurance and medication for their pets, they're looking for products that promote long-term health. This type of information can be incorporated into product labels with distinctive fonts. Lightning Labels offers a variety of fonts to choose from and can print text in a variety of sizes to ensure you get your message across to consumers.

3. Flaunt Your Products' Portability: Because pets are members of their owners' families, they often tag along for outings and vacations. With more than half of IMC's survey participants saying they travel with their pets, many are looking for products that make it easier to do so. In fact, a significant portion expressed interest in practical water dispensing gadgets, car seat additions and cleaning products that would make journeys with their pets more enjoyable. Consider demonstrating how your products meet the needs of traveling pet owners with highly informative and attractive labels. With an incredible selection of colors to choose from, you can create eye-catching labels that don't just command attention, but are informative as well!

Creating Labels for Products is As Easy as a Game of Catch

As the tips above demonstrate, there are many angles you can choose from when deciding which direction to go with your labels for products. While the choice may be overwhelming, the experts at Lightning Labels can make the whole process easy and enjoyable. In addition, Lightning Labels' great rates make orders of any size affordable. You can even order a small test batch to ensure you love your product labels before committing to a design. With Lightning Labels, you're sure to find the purr-fect fit for your pet products.

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