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5 Top Ways to Freshen Up Your Products with Custom Stickers

5 Top Ways to Freshen Up Your Products with Custom Stickers

5WaysToFreshenUpProductsFresh Equals Success

Business leaders who allow their marketing and branding strategies to become a bit stagnant in the modern era will rarely be able to see the best possible profit margins year in and year out. Today's markets are driven by fresh, unique, constantly changing and always improving campaigns, which is at least partly the product of the massive increases in online advertising and commerce activity driven by consumer preferences for more information in the palms of their hands.

Now, this does not mean that firms should be aiming to completely overhaul their brand images several times a year, as this would thwart efforts to maintain a consistent and relevant voice, stature and the like among current and prospective clientele. Instead, businesses can begin to use a wider variety of branding materials to keep their companies fresh and relevant while still maintaining the general feel of their businesses over time.

Labels, stickers and other affordable items involved in product packaging might be among the most affordable and seamless options available to complete these types of objectives. With custom labels, the sky will be the limit in terms of variance between the campaigns companies launch each month or over longer periods of time. However, businesses will want to stick to a few best practices to ensure that their custom labels are indeed freshening up the brand while still keeping campaigns on track toward specific objectives.

Here are five tips to get your custom labels up to par with the demands of the modern marketplace:

1. Connect Design to Other Activities

Organizations will be putting many different projects in motion at any given time. For example, you might be expanding into a new territory while working on a major contract with a nonprofit. The best way to ensure that your custom labels are at once interesting, aligned with the main brand voice and still saying something new each time is to connect them to the specific activities that are taking place in your business.

2. Major Events

Major events, and national awareness observances, take place virtually every month of the year these days, and chances are several will fall right into the territory of your industry. Fresh labels can be driven by these types of opportunities, with companies working to align their brand images with the events that raise awareness toward one matter or another. However, do not stretch the imagination too much - always target events that are directly related to your products and services.

3. Sales and Deals

Throughout the year, but most prominently in the months leading up to the holiday shopping season, you will likely be putting on a wealth of sales and deals for your customers. Customized sale stickers that indicate which items will be involved in these sales are always going to be new compared to the general product packaging at normal times during the year, and are also a great way to build awareness regarding your efforts to drop prices for customers.

4. Loyalty Programs

Let's say that you have a loyalty program in place that has been successful thus far. Why not create customized stickers that will only be placed on products when purchased by customers who are involved in your loyalty program? This way, you are segmenting your clientele in accordance with their patronage, and giving the ones who drive your revenue the most a more personalized experience when purchasing from you.

5. Get More People Involved

In terms of raw custom designs for new stickers, you might want to look across your business - rather than only in the marketing department - to identify individuals who might be able to offer some valuable input. The operations and production workforce will likely be able to give marketing departments a new take on even the same products that have been sold for years. Adding a new perspective to the marketing fold is a great way to not only freshen up your custom labels, but also improve cross-departmental collaboration and overall workforce engagement.

By keeping up with the demands of the marketplace and maintaining fresh product packaging and marketing campaigns, business leaders will be better positioning their firms to excel.

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