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5 Ways to Boost Your Small Business Marketing

5 Ways to Boost Your Small Business Marketing

When your small company lacks brand visibility, it can be hard to get a commercial foothold. No matter the type of products you're selling, today's globalized and fast-paced markets will provide you with tough competition. The following tips can help you stand out within your field and draw consumer attention.

1. Focus on Storytelling: When your brand's marketing efforts are united by a central narrative, viewers stand a better chance of remembering the company. Keepsafe Software's Jessica Taylor told the Forbes Communications Council that one way to select from multiple possible narratives is to pick the one that points to the business's intended future.

2. Embrace SEO: Search engine optimization isn't just a buzz phrase, and its value isn't limited to large companies. Entrepreneur contributor Andrew Medal explained the goal of SEO is to make your organization into the default option for curious shoppers. Being on the first page of search results for a common term can boost small business visibility immensely.

3. Build Your Social Media Audience: Companies that are willing to play the game on social media can reap brand visibility benefits. Medal noted that when businesses begin interacting with people online in ways that show a distinct personality, they become highly memorable. Each network and platform has its own appeal, with image-based channels such as Instagram offering a different experience from Twitter's words-first approach. 

4. Use In-Person Demonstrations: Small businesses today need ways to connect with their potential audiences, and Texas Tech's David Isern told the Forbes Communications Council a face-to-face conversation can be a great outreach tool. Hesitancy tends to decrease and engagement rises from in-person contact. 

5. Invest in Custom Labels: Product packaging can be an essential piece of marketing for small businesses. Labels are companies' final chance to get through to shoppers before they check out. Skimping on packaging may see your company eclipsed by a rival at the last moment.

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