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  • Custom Cosmetic Label Tips to Promote Winter Skin Care

    Winter Cosmetic Labels Help Customers Take Care of their Skin in Wintry Weather

    If they do not already do so, customers looking to take care of their skin during the cold months of January and February need to pay particular attention to winter cosmetic labels. There are actually a number of different ways people can damage their skin, and but they can protect themselves more effectively by using the right cosmetics.

    For example, Everyday Health contributor Beth Orenstein noted all the different reasons people have trouble with seasonal dry skin. Here are just a couple:

    • Cold air has less moisture than warm or hot air, which can lead to dry skin (particularly lips, which need the moisture).
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  • Jar Labels to Show Your Food Products at Their Best

    You can do a lot with a food jar. When you sell a product that comes in jars, anything from olives to jelly, you have options regarding your packaging strategy. Will you go with a colorful label, packed with colorful imagery, that wraps completely around the glass jar? Will you go with a sticker on the lid, leaving the color of the food to show through?

    In between those maximal and minimal poles, there is an infinite amount of variety available regarding the size, shape, material and graphic style of your glass jar labels.

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  • Why Work with a Digital Label Manufacturer?

    When you're planning to create new custom labels for your products, what should you look for in a label production partner? There are a variety of different traits that set label printing organizations apart, but one of the most important is also one of the simplest: What type of label printer equipment does the company use?

    Digital label printing is a different process than flexographic label production.

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  • Perfect Bottle Labels for Any Application

    Since so many different products can be sold in bottles, there's no one ideal bottle labeling strategy. Rather, it's up to your business to create bottle labels that fit your specific objectives and branding.

    Bottle label production could mean using plastic or glass bottles, producing water or spirits, printing large custom labels that cover the whole bottle or small labels that let the color of the liquid show through.

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  • Cannabis Product Labels for All Kinds of Producers

    Ever since the medical and recreational adult-use cannabis markets first emerged, there has been a buzz around these sectors. It's rare for a whole new product category to open up in the retail market, but that's just what's happened in the case of legal cannabis sales in the U.S.

    If you're interested in entering this constantly expanding market, it's important to understand the ground rules to which producers are held.

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  • Cannabis Marketing Starts And Stops With Customer Service

    Of all the do’s and don’ts to successfully market a cannabis company, consistent, complete, and committed customer service is the most important element.

    Digital marketing, including social media campaign development and deployment, can be extremely critical to effective marketing. But, it needs to build on a solid customer service program supporting it to fill the bill. In the cannabis world, the complexities of constantly-evolving regulations, ever-expanding product/growing knowledge, and increasing product selection make customer service excellence even more vital.

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  • Bring Warmth to Your Customers with Custom Candle Labels

    Selling candles means convincing customers that your brand will bring warmth, comfort and pleasant scents into their homes. Your custom candle label design can play a large role in this sales process, which means it's worth thinking about putting time and effort into creating the best candle packaging possible.

    A few separate elements go into this type of packaging design — you have to choose branding and artwork that clearly express your brand's point of view, while also including vital safety warnings and choosing materials strong enough to stand up to hea

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  • Find Perfect Custom Tea Labels for All Kinds of Containers

    Tea is a versatile beverage. If you operate a business that produces tea, you know just how many ways there are to market it to your customers. You can sell tea bags in boxes or loose-leaf tea in canisters. Alternatively, you can brew iced tea and sell it in cans or bottles.

    Whether you settle on one of these approaches or try all of them, you'll need to find an appealing way to label your products, ensuring customers pick your brand's teas over a competitor's offerings.

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  • How Do You Produce Perfect Lip Balm Labels?

    Whether you're protecting against summer heat or cold wind in winter, lip balm is always a useful product for your customers. Of course, there are dozens of brands to choose from when shoppers want to pick up a lip balm. How can you make sure they pick yours?

    Lip balm packaging has a major role to play in capturing consumers' attention in stores. If you manage to combine expertly crafted branding with lip balm tube labels that fit the containers perfectly, you can create a professional visual appearance that will make your items the obvious choice.

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  • Augmented Reality Labels: What Can They Do for Your Products?

    When you're creating a marketing strategy for your products, do you ever wish you could bring a flashy digital media campaign right to your customers as they're shopping in stores? With the right augmented reality labels, you can make this ambitious concept a reality.

    Augmented reality labels are designed to present digital content to shoppers. They accomplish this feat by using customers' smart devices.

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