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African Cabbies Get Quicker with Contactless Payments Via Custom Made Stickers

Ugandan Authority Begins Issuing Custom Made Stickers to Taxis As if cabbies needed a reason to drive even faster, now they won't have to wait for customers to fork over cash in Uganda, where taxis are being outfitted with custom made stickers to accept payments.

Recently, the Kampala Capital City Authority began handing out computerized stickers to taxis in Uganda's capital in a bid to both improve the city's digital infrastructure and accurately track revenue.

Peter Kaujju, KCCA spokesperson, said the agency has printed 4,000 stickers and distributes 200 on a daily basis.

Customized Car Stickers Used to Combat Payment Fraud In addition to providing the city with a modern way to track and collect revenue, KCCA officials said the customized car stickers will also be used to prevent instances of payment fraud by taxi drivers.

The digitized stickers will store information about the commuter taxi, its operators, its permits and the number of times the vehicle has been impounded. During the process of revenue verification, KCCA officials said they need only scan the sticker with a mobile phone to pull up all the requisite information.

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