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All-Natural Skin Product Labels May Not be Free of Toxins

All-Natural Skin Product Labels May Not be Free of Toxins

Safe Cosmetic Act to Create Stricter Label Requirements

If the Safe Cosmetics Act passes, skin care and cosmetics manufacturers would be required to display a full list of ingredients on product labels. Congress failed to pass the Safe Cosmetics Act back in 2011, but Senators Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Janice Schakowsky of Illinois and Edward Markey of Massachusetts are going to push for the act to be reintroduced later this year, reports Women's eNews. The cosmetic industry has experienced a dramatic spike in interest and product development concerning natural skin care and toxin-free cosmetics since 2005, added the source.

Consumers Urged to Review Ingredients on Cosmetics Labels Consumers who are conscious about using healthy skin care products and cosmetics should pay close attention to the ingredients listed on cosmetics labels. Scientists and activists report that many companies and federal regulators are letting chemical toxins slip by during the products' manufacturing, NBC News Today reported. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration only requires 20 percent of a product to contain natural ingredients for it to boast natural label claims. The only products that are completely organic will read "USDA-certified organic," added the source.

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