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Employee Profile | Ashley McKibben | Lightning Labels

Ashley McKibben ‘banks’ on picture-perfect talents

With professional experience in relationship and business banking and photographic talents, Account Manager Ashley McKibben feels she can “professionally and efficiently help clients navigate the printing process.”

Starting with Lightning Labels 10 months ago, she immediately brought her photography background into the picture when helping clients make decisions about branding and the best label printing and finishing options to represent their business. She points out, “There is nothing more satisfying than hearing great feedback when the client gets their products in hand and it’s better than they even imagined.”

Ashley’s relationship-building skills and background fit right in with Lightning Labels’ customer service-oriented culture. She notes that, “I work with a great team here at Lightning Labels and that makes coming to work every day easy. Coming from a photography background and understanding a  little bit of design, I love seeing the artwork my clients come up with for their products. And it makes me a giddy when I see my clients’ final products on sites like Etsy or Instagram!”

Her passion for photography extends beyond the workplace: “In my spare time I still do photography for friends, family and referrals. I also enjoy kickboxing classes a couple times a week.”

She and her husband stay busy with two teenage boys, 15 and 13. She says, “Prior to COVID, my free time was spent watching my boys play sports, running to practices and workouts, dropping them off for school in the morning, and the like. Now we’re doing e-learning from home and with only a couple sports able to be played, we spend time trying to find activities to be a part of and keeping up with training and workouts for when things get back to normal.”

While limiting activities in one area, the pandemic has opened up new ones elsewhere—including being able to view a cousin get married via Zoom at her backyard wedding in North Carolina. She notes, “Other than meetings I had never really used Zoom before and it was great to still get to be a part of it even though we weren’t all able to be there together!”

Taking advantage of opportunities afforded by the new normal and looking forward to resuming previous activities such as concerts, comedy shows and sporting events are top family priorities. Ashley comments, “We moved to Colorado ten and a half years ago. Spending time with the family we do have here in Colorado is that much more important. Weekend cookouts, niece and nephew birthday parties, and spending holidays together is always a top priority.”

Ashley is enjoying everything her career and personal life offer to the fullest.

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