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Big Tobacco Looks to Promote Transparency with E-cig Labels

Big Tobacco Looks to Promote Transparency with E-cig Labels

E-cig Labels Contain Wordy Warnings to Potential Buyers Tobacco companies do not have the greatest reputation when it comes to being honest with customers, but it seems they may be turning a new leaf when it comes to the sale of E-cigarettes. The Washington Post recently reported that several major tobacco brands are actually including warnings on their E-cigarette product labels that are longer than what is required of them.

One spokesperson from Altria told the news source this was part of an initiative to "openly and honestly communicate about health effects" of E-cigarettes, which have gained a lot of traction in recent years.

Although E-cigarettes may still result in addiction to Nicotine, many industry experts have suggested they may be healthier because people are inhaling a less-harmful vapor. Some organizations have even claimed E-cigarettes could be used to help wean people off conventional cigarettes, although there is little evidence to support this assertion.

Promoting Transparency with Product Labels At the end of the day, it is in the best interests of companies to be open with customers through product labels. Trust is often the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and this concept greatly applies to brand-customer connections. By being straight forward on product labels about any potential harmful side effects, companies ensure customers are aware of the risks and make the best choices for themselves.

This goes for any company that produces goods that could potentially harm customers, whether they be making medication, cigarettes, unhealthy food, insect repellant or anything else. Transparency is critical, and customers deserve to know if their health is at risk.

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