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Brooklyn Brewery Celebrates Anniversary With Custom Beer Labels

Brooklyn Brewery Celebrates Anniversary With Custom Beer Labels

Local Artists Recruited to Design New Custom Beer Labels

Why buy silver for a 25th anniversary gift when custom beer labels will do? That's what Brooklyn Brewery had in mind as it gears up to celebrate its quarter-century anniversary of being in business. To honor the occasion, the brewery is recruiting a host of locally and nationally famous artists to spruce up its beer labels.

Celebratory bottles of the Big Apple brew will feature labels designed by renowned artists including Fred Tomaselli, Elizabeth Crawford, Roxy Paine and Joe Amrhein, who have all made names for themselves and their art in Brooklyn and the nation at-large.

Brewery will Print Beer Labels for Limited Time To print beer labels, the artists will reimagine the label by marrying classic elements and their own style of new art. The brewery's iconic flowing upper-case "B" logo, crafted by graphic designer Milton Glaser, will still appear on the label, but in this case, beside modern art. For instance, Tomaselli's label will feature his collage "Breathing Head."

"Unless you've got a lot of money, you probably won't be able to purchase works by these artists," Steve Hindy, co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery, told ARTnews. "Now you can at least have a beer bottle."

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