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Capitalize on National Nutrition Month

Capitalize on National Nutrition Month

NationalNutritionMonthModern Consumers Love Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month, a time when consumers are encouraged to take a second look at their diets and better understand the ways in which the items they eat and drink impact their health. If you are a food or beverage manufacturer, distributor or retailer, chances are you can make this month a profitable one by launching a special marketing program to ensure your prospects and current clientele understand your commitment to nutrition.

Custom food labels are among the best options available to these types of firms given the ease with which they can be developed, printed and placed on products in a timely fashion. Seeing as March is already underway, you should get moving on your projects to design custom beverage labels and other branded materials that align your company's name with the highly health-conscious event that is National Nutrition Month.

Custom Nutrition Labels

Chances are you already have a plan in place when it comes to the creation and implementation of nutrition facts on your food and beverage products, but they likely don't incorporate the event that takes place this month. By printing special labels or perhaps even stickers to complement the normal information listed on the products, you will be spreading awareness about this important annual observance, and boosting your brand's image and visibility in the process.

After all, food manufacturers, distributors and retailers likely already know just how much of the battle for revenue takes place in the aisles of stores, and that the labeling and general presentation of items will tell the tale of victory or defeat on a daily basis. With today's consumers being so driven toward healthier, more nutritious dietary options, failing to capitalize on this trend in March will represent a missed opportunity at best.

Nutritional Value Labels with Pizzazz

Getting the brand name out there and into the minds of consumers earlier in the year can help to drive sales higher through the end of December. However, plenty of competitors will likely be trying to ride the coattails of this event, meaning that you will need to step outside of the boundaries of normalcy and craft a truly engaging and eye-catching design for your custom labels.

Once you get the designs sorted out, consider ordering from Lightning Labels, which is an industry leader when it comes to the quality of labels and stickers printed, as well as the speed of fulfillment.

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