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Certain Claims On Food Labels Sell Better Than Others

Certain Claims On Food Labels Sell Better Than Others

Research Finds Food Labels Important Sell To Healthy Consumers

Not all food labels are created equal. At least according to Symphony Consulting, which recently released its premier installation of the Food and Beverage Health Claims TrendSpotting report. The study measures the impact categories of health claims on labels have in regard to consumer purchases.

According to the research, broad-spectrum label claims that a product was "better for you" or a "dietary restriction" were big sells among customers and totaled 69 percent of overall claims sales.

Energy Claims On Labels A Growing Sell The research tracked five macro health claims made on labels, including better for you, dietary restriction, condition-specific, natural and energy. While better for you and dietary restriction were sales leaders, energy label claims were increasing at the fastest rate, growing 8 percent during the year.

The report said the older consumers get, the more inclined they are to buy products with such label claims. Baby boomers accounted for 24 percent of total claim sales growth, but only 20 percent of dollar sales. However, Generation Y consumers were more profitable, contributing 27 percent of all dollar sales.

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