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Chobani Required to Remove "Greek" From Its Custom Food Labels in the UK

Chobani Required to Remove Greek From Its Custom Food Labels in the UK

UK Companies Must Be Careful With Custom Food Labels A court ruling determined that U.S.-based yogurt chain Chobani could no longer use the word "Greek" on its custom food labels in the U.K. While the company claimed to make yogurt in the Greek style, it is actually made in the U.S., according to the BBC. The company has been available in the U.S. since 2007. In the U.K., at least, the yogurt brand will have to change its food label printing. Last year, Fage, a rival yogurt company, sued Chobani in the British court, saying the brand's labeling was misleading.

Chobani Will Need to Change its Food Product Labels A statement from the company said the word Greek in its food product labels indicated a style, not a country of origin. For instance, Italian dressing and French fries are accepted as types of food worldwide, according to Entrepreneur magazine. The statement also indicated that Chobani was intent on breaking Fage's monopoly of the term "Greek yogurt." In the U.K., Fage is the leading yogurt brand, but Chobani is still the top-selling strained yogurt brand in the U.S., where it helped to popularize the style.