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Creating Water Resistant Bath Product Labels For Wet Conditions

Creating Water Resistant Bath Product Labels For Wet Conditions

Choose Lightning Labels When You Need Labels for Wet Conditions

[caption id="attachment_8369" align="alignleft" width="300"]labels for wet conditions from Lightning Labels Bath and body products often require labels for wet conditions.[/caption]

When you create bath and body products, you should consider labels for wet conditions. Consumers have certain expectations for lotion and shampoo labels. Shoppers want these items to be usable in watery places like bathtubs and showers. It can be aggravating when labels shred or peel off after exposure to moisture. Products certainly look less attractive this way, but there are often important details on labels that consumers may want to maintain for reference. For instance, ingredients, directions and branding are included on labels. When these disintegrate, customers may be reluctant to choose your product again. Luckily, with Lightning Labels' array of water- and oil-proof materials, brands don't have to compromise on appearance when selecting a label for durability.

Waterproof Shampoo Labels Inspire Consumer Trust

Brands should use waterproof shampoo labels to ensure that shoppers keep choosing their products. Labels usually include some important information that customers would rather keep around. For example, if your product has specific directions for the amount of product to use during each wash, it's vital this information stays put. In addition, shampoo bottles generally list ingredients. When the label rubs off after entering the shower, there's no longer an easy way to access these details. This information is there for a reason, so you should take care to make sure it remains intact throughout the duration of the item. On top of that, your packaging reflects the overall integrity of your products. It simply will not reflect well on a brand if the packaging doesn't hold up. To avoid this issue, choose Lighting Labels' Polypropylene BOPP, an oil- and water-resistant material that will keep labels steadfast.

Water Resistant Bath Product Labels Are A Necessity

Generally, it's in a brand's best interest to print water resistant bath product labels. Since the label is an integral part of your branding strategy, you want to make sure it maintains a pristine appearance day in and day out. Custom shampoo bottle labels are usually stored in the shower, which means they should be able to stand up to handling, soaps and fluids without fading. When your products have a sturdy label, you can help ensure that customers are looking at your product every day and engaging with your brand in a favorable way. When combined with eye-catching design, a waterproof label can keep your company ahead of the competition.

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