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Custom Labels Help Shoppers Make Informed Purchases

Custom Labels Help Shoppers Make Informed Purchases

People Demand Custom Labels
People are growing more concerned about the ingredients in their foods. For this reason, custom labels are a must for any food and drink product.

A recent article from The New Yorker makes it clear just how big the paranoia is among buyers. Columnist Michael Specter recalled a recent visit to a local farmers market, at which one customer grilled the owner of the stand. She asked whether the apples for sale were grown with genetically modified organisms and when the seller told her no, she asked how he could be sure when there were no labels on the fruit.

According to the source, genetically modified apples do not exist, but this clearly illustrates just how important labels are. With the right product labels, brands may be able to dispel much of this paranoia.

Custom Product Labels Promote Transparency
Food brands can clearly display important disclaimers and claims on their labels, which help customers make informed decisions. Simple claims such as "low fat" or "GMO free" not only bolster transparency but may also help companies stand out from competitors on shelves.

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