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Label Shapes | Lightning Labels

Get the Perfect Label Shapes for Your Products with Die-Cutting

Can product labels be exciting? They can if you take extra steps to add visual flair. This extra commitment to design can take a few forms. For instance, you can invest in creative custom shape labels that go beyond standard rectangle or oval labels. These distinct, die-cut labels can help your items stand out, even when your chosen field is crowded and competitive.

Attract Customers' Eyes with Unique Label Shapes

Does your brand logo have a distinctive outline? If so, you have a perfect readymade use case for custom label shapes. Using die-cutting so the shape of your custom label echoes the graphic design will help draw shoppers' eyes to your logo.

Being more creative with label shapes is also a way to show that your brand has put some thought and effort into its overall packaging design. Other brands' rectangle and oval labels may seem plain by comparison.

Cutting a label into a distinctive shape — a star, a pentagon, a starburst or any other form — also gives you more room to let the product underneath show through. A custom-shaped sticker, placed on a glass jar, allows the color of the item inside the container to take center stage.

Your labels in creative shapes can be especially interesting when you print on them in bright, eye-catching colors. By using every graphic design tool at your disposal, you can deliver a memorable packaging experience, one that will hook customers during the brief moment when they're inspecting items in a store.

Find Label Shapes to Suit Any Package Type

Custom label die-cutting isn't just a tool to create creative or artistic designs. You can also use this label printing technology to create label shapes that suit the unique shapes of your product packaging.

One key example is lip gloss labels. By purchasing labels cut to the exact size of your brand's lip gloss tubes, you can show off a meticulous, high-quality design sense. You can also print labels and stickers that are the perfect shape to complement other container types, such as bottles with triangular or otherwise asymmetrical bases.

Being creative with the size and shape of your packaging is a compelling tool available to you when designing containers for your brand. With access to a variety of label shapes, you can make that tactic work for you.

Find a Provider That Offers Custom Label Sizes

Your choice of label printing partner will determine whether you can order labels in the custom size and shape you need. Lightning Labels uses die-cutting to create an endless variety of custom shapes. Working with Lightning Labels, you can use a standard template such as perfect-sized lip gloss labels or generate an entirely new label design.

Once you've found the perfect label shape for your needs, then it's time to customize the finished product. The right combination of label material and laminate can deliver impressive results for your brand, ensuring customers see your logo on shelves and really take notice.

Inspect Lightning Labels' selection of creative dies to see just how many label shape options you have, or request a free quote now.